Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain (2017) video free download

Duration: 04:52
Uploaded: 2017/10/22

Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain (New Remix 2017)

(NEW SONG 2017/2018) Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain

New Eminem Song 2017 Feat. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Instrumental produced by SAMVRAI BEATS, check his profile for more dope beats!!



9 months ago

Dinosaur RichieRich

That's my face in New York pakistan, not CLAM STATE! i mean upside! If i go there i need to live man need to live there with aimme! i love her but she hates me tell me why do many people hate me! '' ,,,,,,, ... .. .01234 go jup!;Dv

9 months ago

Brenda Perez

9 months ago

Mamun Shikder

I'm very interested for this song. By the way Eminem song are very.

9 months ago

My Own Perpetual Darkness

Jess' wet dream

9 months ago

Sako Gonzik


9 months ago

Bev Skicko

2 of my favorites in 1mix. Too cool! Nice work, pal!

9 months ago

Fenrriselrojo Rojo

Que clase de despacito es esto

9 months ago

Bot Bot

Strange crossover anyway sounds amazing

9 months ago

Uriel Cruz

Hola les cuento que de Ace mucho tiempo soy dan de Eminem y evanecen.

9 months ago

Bilal Simsek

Amerika your love

9 months ago

carlota carlota navarro

muy buena la cancion me encanta muy buen tema

9 months ago

Leah Niemoth

U need to stay out of politics em

9 months ago

Rosy Kirilova

Very nice...Thank you

9 months ago


The low sound quality literally gave me a headache :c

9 months ago

Mahdi Ansari


9 months ago

Oms Gautam

I love Eminem all songs try to songs allday

9 months ago

Luka Vidosavljevic

Some serious shit...

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