Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain (2017) video free download

Duration: 04:52
Uploaded: 2017/10/22

Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain (New Remix 2017)

(NEW SONG 2017/2018) Eminem & Evanescence - Kill My Pain

New Eminem Song 2017 Feat. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Instrumental produced by SAMVRAI BEATS, check his profile for more dope beats!!



11 months ago

Dinosaur RichieRich

That's my face in New York pakistan, not CLAM STATE! i mean upside! If i go there i need to live man need to live there with aimme! i love her but she hates me tell me why do many people hate me! '' ,,,,,,, ... .. .01234 go jup!;Dv

11 months ago

Brenda Perez

11 months ago

Mamun Shikder

I'm very interested for this song. By the way Eminem song are very.

11 months ago

My Own Perpetual Darkness

Jess' wet dream

11 months ago

Sako Gonzik


11 months ago

Bev Skicko

2 of my favorites in 1mix. Too cool! Nice work, pal!

11 months ago

Fenrriselrojo Rojo

Que clase de despacito es esto

11 months ago

Bot Bot

Strange crossover anyway sounds amazing

11 months ago

Uriel Cruz

Hola les cuento que de Ace mucho tiempo soy dan de Eminem y evanecen.

11 months ago

Bilal Simsek

Amerika your love

11 months ago

carlota carlota navarro

muy buena la cancion me encanta muy buen tema

11 months ago

Leah Niemoth

U need to stay out of politics em

11 months ago

Rosy Kirilova

Very nice...Thank you

11 months ago


The low sound quality literally gave me a headache :c

11 months ago

Mahdi Ansari


11 months ago

Oms Gautam

I love Eminem all songs try to songs allday

11 months ago

Luka Vidosavljevic

Some serious shit...

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