Elton John - Tiny Dancer (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 06:47
Uploaded: 2017/05/22

Building on Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s Californian inspiration, Max Weiland filmed a video for “Tiny Dancer” that reflects on life in Los Angeles from a dozen different people, all unfolding behind the wheel of their cars. The Cut, proudly supported by YouTube, invited filmmakers to create the first official music videos for three of Elton John’s most famous songs:http://eltonjohn.com/thecut

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Music video by Elton John performing Tiny Dancer. (C) 2017 This Record Company Ltd.



11 months ago

James Feuerstein

I love this video- I lived in Phoenix for 17 years but now I live in New England and I love being able to see the west like I remember it- this video is so dense that it took me 10 times before I realized that the valet stole the car!

11 months ago

thelessimportantAJ michel

That woman better be eating a Red Vine, not a Twizzler!

11 months ago

Hussien Almosawi

I just heard this on the boondocks and y'all niggas gay

11 months ago


I've watched this vid 50+ times and two of my favorite characters are the skateboard girl and the Marilyn Monroe chick. Be nice if they would come by here and say hi.

11 months ago

Connor Needham

I honestly love this creation of music. It just sounds lovely to listen to. Perfect for a love song well not for me lol.

11 months ago


Hold me closer Tony danza

11 months ago

Miran Karim

I love this song

11 months ago


im here cos i listened castle on the hill by ed sheeran

11 months ago

The Ghost Gurl Gamer

This was beautiful. I actually tear-ed up a little. This is one of those songs that I think everyone can feel some kind of connection to. I saw some other commenter use the phrase "transcends" and that seems very appropriate. The video reflects that notion very well. Bravo.

11 months ago

Starr Qua-asia

To the identical twin daughters I never got the chance to raise maybe one day we will be reunited again

11 months ago


Shit makes no sense. very disappointed. Could have went a million different ways with this song. It just looks lazy and uncreative.

11 months ago

Kat Duija

I just cried.my.eyes.out. If you don't have feels from that song i feel sad for you.

11 months ago


In a time of so much turmoil and division in this country, this video strips all that away, and just shows everyone for who they are... HUMAN. Just fantastic artistry and storytelling. <3

11 months ago

Céline Allais

Holy crap, Marilyn Manson in an Elton song. I'm so happy <3

11 months ago

Anna Hobbs

this was made in 1972 I think its uploaded (a little late)

11 months ago

Jacob Storm

Maybe I'm not good at reading music video symbolism, but I believe a lot of this video was made with some Meth. Not specifying a quantity, just that there was some at some point

11 months ago

Chandler Dodson

I thought about do ASL (sign language) to this video on my channel, what y'all think?

11 months ago


so lovley

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