Elton John - Daniel - Live Edinburgh 1976 video free download

Duration: 04:09
Uploaded: 2009/02/13

Elton John live at the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh Scotland 1976.

Solo Piano Show.


3 years ago

Lysa Alen

Daniel ...................you are the best

3 years ago

Emma Somers

I named my son Daniel after this song. My favourite of Elton's, and one I had the pleasure of seeing him sing live from the second row in Belfast, it made me cry

3 years ago

Cristiano carlos


3 years ago


Elton John is one of a kind!

3 years ago

Daniel Ashelford

This song got me my name!!! My parents loved this song when I was born - Sept.1973...

3 years ago

Chuck Beeverton

Elton John at his very best. 

3 years ago

Trixie Shimura

This one of the best "Daniel" videos ever! I've seen Elton 38 times in concert. Lest you think I'm some kind of stalker, I grew up in the NY/Metropolitan area and had three venues in which to see him. Since he often did multiple shows in each, it was quite easy to see him 4-5 times every tour. Of course, tickets were a lot cheaper back in those days, there's no way I could afford do that now!

3 years ago


this is my first record....puts me in tears 40 years later...good one :)

3 years ago

Sergio Rodríguez

Elton john..Daniel my my

3 years ago


This is Elton's prime! 

3 years ago


He actually looks ok bald...

3 years ago

Phil Williams

Berne taupin is a genius

3 years ago

Rod S

Pure, raw, god-given talent. The World has always been in awe of Elton John.

3 years ago

Sarah Meister

Ich habe sowas als Klobrille...

4 years ago

Chris Cramer

ive watched this video at least 50x I love this live song !!

4 years ago

Christoffer Veng

Odd how little hair he has here compared to nowadays

4 years ago

Judith Toro Fortyz


4 years ago

Joanne Desjardins

That song reminds me of a day in August 1967 when I lost my baby brother because of a fire and each time I look to the stars.

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