Ellie Goulding - Lost And Found video free download

Duration: 03:38
Uploaded: 2015/10/23

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Brand new album DELIRIUM out November 6, including the new single ON MY MIND.

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2 years ago

Rosanna Waldock

Can always count on Ellie to cheer you up! So need to book tickets for March! I can't believe it's been 2 years since I saw her last!

2 years ago

Sarah Kane


2 years ago

Abdul Hakim

This would most probably a big hit if she made a music video.

2 years ago

Janine Dorado

This song is nice ^__^

2 years ago

Miłosz Kluczyk

Kto z polski ?

2 years ago

Nesr In

classic and elegant and new I love it

2 years ago

Mo Usa

the end is near .

2 years ago

Mugu S

not bad.

2 years ago

Mesut Pervin Mehmed

so lovely :)

2 years ago

Snufy Lbc

Ellie have to get her music far than lights, the writer etc... Her music is always good and I love it.

2 years ago

Ray Liu


2 years ago

Brittany Anderson

Good Job ellie keep going girl

2 years ago

Mauricio Hideki

Love that song -

2 years ago

Jitendra Kaintura

In Love With First verse

2 years ago

Djordje Prokic

this song is made for her. perfection! Love u Ellie..

2 years ago

persia chayakorn


2 years ago


This one is good, as good as her old songs from Lights. I like it

2 years ago

Rene Najera

3/3 I can't wait for the album

2 years ago

Josh Jones

Gotta love this field and the cherry sky. Under blossom clouds though it's late July.

2 years ago

Nicole Shiels

I LOVE IT!!! I haven't stopped singing this since I heard this.

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