DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It video free download

Duration: 04:33
Uploaded: 2014/12/30

DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge “You Know You Like It” available now!


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3 years ago


I don't like the song but something about the chorus has me hooked 

3 years ago

Jay Plejaren

And after he went and got a cheeky nandos the cheeky monkey 

3 years ago


the monkeys amazing …………….go random monkey!!!!!

3 years ago

Abe Alesso

Dj Snake recorded his cat's meowing and autotuned them. That's how he made the chorus. Lol.

3 years ago

Ciarán Farley-Toone

What is that sound called at 0:48 ?That kind of wash boad sound. I like it

3 years ago


ape no kill ape!

3 years ago


He won't answer you he's been a monkey ever since he started smoking weed.

3 years ago


Why is their a ape in dis video

3 years ago

_Kan_ di.i.i.ce_

turn this song down for what?

3 years ago

Deanna Nield

I herd this at Ariana grande concert

3 years ago

cade applegate

I laughed so hard when he put on a sheet just trying to be a dick, ruining the video game and then punching the guyXD

3 years ago

Te'Jun Lee

When dat dude bumped into him and he turned then rubbed his nose i was like DAMN

3 years ago

ethan risner

I dont understand it but I like it

3 years ago

Frouzandeh Safaee

This is the best song EVER OMG !!!!!! Like if you agree 

3 years ago

Jamie Gonzalez

Stupid :-/

3 years ago

Brandon Tapia

No its a gta v mask dummasses

3 years ago

qahar raheel

You can get beat up if you touch a stripper? wtf

3 years ago

Cristian Hernandez

People aren't looking hard enough for bigfoot he's under our noses

3 years ago

Jayana Jackson


3 years ago

alex crustin

Bruh,you're not you when you're hungry.

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