Diplo x CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco - Doctor Pepper (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 03:48
Uploaded: 2015/08/14

The official music video for Diplo x CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco - Doctor Pepper. Subscribe to the official Mad Decent YouTube channel to stream Doctor Pepper and releases from artists like Diplo or show support by buying "Doctor Pepper" on iTunes.

Support Doctor Pepper on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DoctorPepper

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Directed by Uzi

Co-Directed by Prettypuke

Shot by FubuGhost & Madison McKamey

Edited by Fubughost, Uzi & Madison McKamey

VFX by Ash Travers & Jon Eisener

Produced by illroots

Diplo teams up with South Korean superstar CL, RiFF RAFF and OG Maco for the official Uzi directed music video for “Doctor Pepper”! CL lays down a flawless hook you'll find stuck in your head almost immediately. Cue RiFF’s Versace rhymes and OG Maco’s Atlanta-style rap and you’ll find yourself driving backwards through Rome in a Range Rover, blaring "Doctor Pepper" on repeat all day long.

Produced by Diplo & Swizzymack

Mixed & Mastered by Mike Dean

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3 years ago

Stiefel .TheRabbit

Доктор Пеппа - доктор Пеппа, доктор Пеппа!

3 years ago


love u CLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL cant wait to debut in TH US

3 years ago


I love this song and I like the beat in the video now this song is stuck in my head I've been singing it all morning

3 years ago

Sarah . . .

Waiting for Sprite, Fanta And Coke version Of the song

3 years ago

Miri Yixng

Fuck you bitch

3 years ago


DOKTO PEPPA, DOKTO PEPPA, DOKTO PEPPA. Ai laik diz, did yu laik diz? Hiz'a dokto, i dont kno wat itz min, bat ai laik diz. Ai dont care about ma gramatic and shit, yu anderstend mi ai anderstend ju madafaka, evryting is gud.

3 years ago

Fusion Fusion

so much garbage. lyrics for such talented peoples

3 years ago

taguchi nishiguchi

տքագրեք նաեւ լոկարող է միանալ նաեւ գիշերը դուք չեք կար

3 years ago

Yudith Carvajal-Pujols

I really want my middle finger as long as cl's

3 years ago

luky pikachu

pikachu lol

3 years ago

CyberPoop .-.

Peppa Pig

3 years ago

Guhnallan Mahendran

didn't know Korean people can rap like Westerners... mad respect sistah...

3 years ago

tommy mcgrath

Real niggas sip on apple juice

3 years ago

nicole auguste

Overall, this is the type of music I hate. BUT I can appreciate the fact that CL is bringing a different image of asian girls to western audiences. If they're not blasian, asian girls are still usually thought of as submissive and demure - CL's giving the middle finger to all those who think that. I think I'll stick with her Korean songs,though- at least then I can't understand the lyrics if they're...less than sensible :P

3 years ago

Zolanski “bc” AC

you guys should listen this song when you're high

3 years ago

Cengizhan Ateş

Dope !

3 years ago

Corn Florian

Anna Kournikova is a tennis player

3 years ago

Denpagumi Army

CLTe amo.!

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