Die Form - The Hidden Cage video free download

Duration: 05:11
Uploaded: 2009/04/30

Gothic - Minimal - Sinth


4 years ago

Rob Stanton

Die form has to be the best dark wave / Electronica band out there in my opinion! Add in the infusion of opera and renaissance music and they definately stand alone and do it well!

4 years ago

Miodrag Cheza Stojanovic

Die Form - The Hidden Cage(and this one from this playlist...)

5 years ago

Para Noir

oh ist das lange her... das Lied hatte ich mal auf sonem Gothic sampler drauf.

5 years ago

Maks Glebov


5 years ago


Personally I think we would be slaughtering savages without the system.

5 years ago

goth 1856

Die Form - The Hidden Cage

6 years ago


I seen titties

6 years ago

micheal sky

What a wonderful expression of the experiential cage of illusion we wrap around ourselves, well done <3

7 years ago

adoniz maldoror garcia

enclosed forever and close....

7 years ago

Lola Bhajan

die form is the best

7 years ago


Absolutely love Die Form, and for this reason. MIAM MIAM SINTH

7 years ago


Wow, amazing beat, operatic opening had me backing off then the beat came in & it got 100% better. Live video with this, bondage theme which goes with the title of the song. Cage dancers especially, but we are all imprisoned in hidden cages, our jobs, relationships, family, obligations, sexual & other secrets that keep us caged & hiding our true selves from others, so we can't ever be fully known. All is a cage we rarely SEE around us. Thanks for awesome song!

8 years ago


Beautiful song ..

8 years ago


One of the best music videos ever. In its minimalistic and aestethic form it fits nearly perfect to the song.

8 years ago

Die Mazz


8 years ago

Peters Murphy coukis

i have videos similar to these that i made for my original music

9 years ago


i love it die form

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