Destiny's Child - Say my name video free download

Duration: 04:32
Uploaded: 2008/03/02

Destiny's Child - Say my name

Requested by Lovben88

Music and lyrics.

Enjoy :]


3 years ago

shawty love

say my name baby Michael

3 years ago

Austin Mitchell

Songs a tune big up destiny child's been listening since I was little on a throw back music spree

3 years ago

LatopaBasic Frazier

dis latopa song cus it say "yeah you gay yeah you gay" at 2:57 it remind me of ma husband he use me as coverup

3 years ago

Igor Thales

say my name..............Axl Rose

3 years ago



3 years ago

Im Not A Fighter But A Lover

I completely had fogotten about this song its good to hear it once more

3 years ago

Jakoria Thompson

TLC We love u Come in JacksonvilleXoxoLove u

3 years ago


3:00 "You're actin' gay-ay-ay"

3 years ago

Julissa Santos

No gane no shame...Say muy name

3 years ago

Hailey Lanae

I was rewatching RuPaul's drag race and this song was there...and now I'm here.

3 years ago


Say My Name Say My Name, My Name Is Jeff

3 years ago

Suzanne Lee


3 years ago

Kinoshita Yuuko

looks like a highlighted video lol xDDD

3 years ago

Tanisha Davidson

my song but its old!!!!!

3 years ago

jayme brown

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Feels Great

- Heisenberg- You're goddamn right. ~~~Ba dum tss.~~~~

3 years ago

Celestial Gamer


3 years ago

kristina ruble

Omfg yus 

3 years ago

Alexis Douglas

Lol this song was just on.....and i am at my sister Ally's party at my house 

3 years ago

Nikki Jardine

THIS IS SOO COO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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