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Destiny's Child (Kelly Rowland) - Bad Habit, Album: Destiny Fulfilled(2004), Columbia Records (SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT)


How many times are you gonna apologize about the same thing and how many times can I

rake you back when I'm not the one who was doin wrong[when not the one who was doin

wrong]I thought maybe if I started prayin that it would get better but every time I

pray the answer was a waste cause back to me bein good cause we're so hard headed

when we're in love so i


I toild myself that I would some cahnges but it seems the more that I change it

remains the same I can't seem to shake ya it seems you really have a hold on me and

every time that we breakup we turn around and make up this can't go on now I gotta

move now it's not the fact that I don't love you no more but I gotta break this bad

habit can't take this bad habit no more


I'mtotally out of my elements learnin new ways to live while you're in the comfort

zone not even thinkin[thinkin about me]to call when I get mad you buy me gifts

thinkin that it's gonna solve every issue from the girl callin my phone[phone] from

the pictures that I saw[that I saw] and every time that you break-up with me for

nothin at all I've takin all I take[I've takin all I can I take] but the way you

live just gotta change[ohhhh]



Let me break it down have ever loved somebody so much that you just to blind to see

that's all of the pain they were causin you[causin you]Ladies do you feel me[do you

feel me]Have you ever loved somebody so much that you went against the right things

that you should do [do]then it's time to make a change



3 years ago

Felicia White

me right now in this moment

3 years ago

Nathan Wood

Okay this faces on this video1. Beyoncé look like a thirsty lesbian2. Michele looks like my momma when its 12:00 at night and im still hungry3. Kelly looks like a needy child off the streets somebody get that baby some chicken

3 years ago

nicki conyers

You think because prayer solves so many issues, that it can fix relationships too. Sometimes the fix is simply separating. While no females have ever called my phone about an ex, the rest of the song definitely fits my last relationship. When you start to find yourself more unhappy and in tears than you Are smiling, it's time to go. Pain doesn't last forever.

3 years ago

Jackson Soul

Learn to break those relationship which become toxic in one life. Bad Habits effect us all on many aspect.

3 years ago

T Thomas

I feel this song, its me and my ex/daughters father all the way. We were on and off for about 8 years up until 2013 when we broke up for good and started to both date someone else. But we continued to have sex though. LoL. I know crazy. We cannot be in a relationship together but are extremely sexually compatible. My lifes so complicated.

3 years ago

Okcbest okcbest

It takes 3 days to form a habit and 21 days to break one!

3 years ago

Chocolate Thunder Cherry

Kelly sanging took my focus off notincg michelle & beyonce singing that's how great she is <33 #kellyrowland

3 years ago

Shawna Smith

I love this song

3 years ago

Annette Orr

In this now!!!!! Damn

3 years ago

Rondaya Wilson

Im so feeling this...

3 years ago

Yossi Kylei Musiiq

break up...split up etc...we make rite back up it "be" like that sometimes rite?

3 years ago

samantha pompey

This is my song i love it

3 years ago

Jasmine Gipson

I can relate to this song just wanna walk so bad knowing you deserve better

3 years ago

Jenelle Evans

How do you let many years but I need to be happy not make it a habit. Letting go so easy to say but don't know how when it only hurts I'm here.

3 years ago

Nekee J

:) This songgggg.....:( #TRUTHFUL

3 years ago

John Doe

Bad habits i need to let go

3 years ago


One of my fave songs!

3 years ago

cassie hall

Bad habit

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