Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (Video Version) video free download

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Uploaded: 2009/10/27

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World In My Eyes (Video Version)


3 years ago

Joey Bosquez


3 years ago

Jose manuel garcia calatrava


3 years ago

Олег Домаев

Какой же " человек ," мог поставить не лайк этому клипу , не понима ю

3 years ago

Amy Costas

His voice.. His sound.. He is all so very sexy!! Dave Gahan was amazing in the 80's and is still the hottest !! No one can compare to DM!! Love Depeche Mode!!! xoxoxoxo

3 years ago


А что тут комментировать . Тут слушать надо..

3 years ago

Alan Morrice

White levis, black leather motorbike boots, grey bomber jacket and a Dave Gahan haircut. That was me hanging out in London's Soho in 1990 listening to this song over and over again. Happy days.

3 years ago

Sterno Screech

My friend asked me to burn him a depeche mode cd a few months back. Thank you for getting me back into DM friend! Im glad I still have a lot of their music.

3 years ago

Prodenez von Mu

Timejump :)

3 years ago

greg loosli

"Imitate me" Jesus Christ

3 years ago

Sarah Brendel

<3 <3 <3

3 years ago


Good morning devotees! happy Saturday everyone!

3 years ago

Jorge Frias Martinez

Bueno amiga cambio de linea de todos modos el mundo sigue girando que sea viendo el mundo desde mis ojos jajaja 

3 years ago

Eddie Vasquez

Violator was classic DM album. 

3 years ago

Heidi Bang

*World in my eyes* - thoughtsI was watching a koncert with DM on German TV Saturday night and that's why I am having a Depeche Mode revival right now.I know their songs forwards and backwards and they have been in my life since I was a child. I remember being in bed as a 10 year old on a Saturday night listening to the neighbours partying and playing 'Just can't get enough'. I loved it!DM and I always had a relationship. Many of my memories are connected to their songs. We both evolved through times together. In some periods of time they were more in my life than others, but the fact is, *they are still with me*.Anyway, what I mean to say is: This song was playing in my mind when I woke up this morning. *Let me show you the world in my eyes* And it stroke me that this is exactly what I try to do through this profile. I just came to the realisation that sometimes, when I need to get away from all internet activity (being a true INFJ personality ☺) it is because I need to put everything in place, analyse it, feel myself, ground myself, and then I canalize it all out to be seen *through my eyes* When I do that, things falls into place in my mind.I always seek a deeper meaning with everything that happens to me, and this is a creative process, really. It's no secret that when I am feeling the most pain, I am also highly creative. But no worries, I feel fine. ☺*That's all there is* they sing. I doubt you can ever say that about me. I have a deep inner world of thoughts and ponderings, and that is just how I am. Complex, for sure, but it is very essential for my wellbeing. Sharing my thought and views on the world around me in a positive light means a lot to me. Sharing what's good and beautiful, sending out positivy to the world.I really want to thank my friends in here for reading my posts. Sincerely *thank you*You mean so much to me and if you are gone for a period of time I notice and I miss you! See, If you hadn't bothered to read all the way down to here, you would never know! XD

3 years ago

pelin yalnız

Let me show you the world in my eyes

3 years ago


Morning everyone!

3 years ago

William Killter

Deixe-me levá-la numa viagemem volta do mundo e voltare você não precisará se moverVocê somente ficará sentada...Taças de vinho, músicas assim e a companhia certa...são aquelas coisas do mundo que não tem preço e não precisam de palavras... 

3 years ago

Duckmato E.

Depeche Mode

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