Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Remastered Video) video free download

Duration: 04:45
Uploaded: 2009/10/27

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Shake The Disease (Remastered Video)


3 years ago

Giulia Olteanu

Dave was too young in this video.

3 years ago

Mighty Boosh


3 years ago

Gosha Skat

Моя дочь говорит, что нельзя быть такими офигенными. ))))

3 years ago


I've never watched the video, but have always loved this song. Incredible feeling

3 years ago


luv this song!

3 years ago

Ulrik Raben

Nostalgia. I was ten at that time.

3 years ago

Raci Ra

Love song

3 years ago

sad trash

this song relates to my current life so well..

3 years ago


Anyone else brought here by Revenge of Middle Management?

3 years ago

Midwin Harris

This song was playing over and over in my head yesterday. Still. It's one of my all time favorite Depeche Mode songs.

3 years ago

Герман Иванов

That's was cool and very beautiful and nice.

3 years ago

SamAntHaDerKsc RiOs rOblEs

una historia por la cual pasé !!!

3 years ago

Francesca Pitzalis

I m addicted to this song today..And sorry for this but... Alan Wilder is so sexy in this video.

3 years ago

Vicky Boss

I get chills whenever I listen to this song <3

3 years ago

Елена Степичева

Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Remastered Video)#DepecheMode 

3 years ago

Karen Petterson

Such a great love song.

3 years ago

Pete Zach

Serwus, Muzykanty! Udanej i pogodnej niedzieli życzę :) * * *Some people have to be.Permanently together.

3 years ago

Eduardo Rivera

I remember when I first saw this cool vid..around the same time as Cab Voltaire's DO RIGHT kind of feel/look.

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