Deborah Cox - Beautiful U R Lyrics video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2008/10/04

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Beautiful U R by Deborah Cox with lyrics



2 years ago

Joseph Danny Filkin

thiss is a song to my bautfful sweetheart the love of my life.. stephanie

3 years ago


Who's listening in 2016?

3 years ago

Raven Fire

Songs like this rlly help me gain confidence and I can look at myself in the mirror and think to myself, " I'm beautiful, strong, kind, funny, and smart" instead of thinking " I'm ugly, weak, boring, stupid, and unpopular"

3 years ago

Raven Fire

I love how this song isn't about hot girls, money, drugs, ect. I love how it's about loving yourself and how to not let ppl make u think ur ugly and worthless and to just be who u r

4 years ago

algie thomas

Such A Powerful Uplifting Song!!!! One of my favs by Deborah!!!!

4 years ago


one  of  my  faves,,,so  positive !!

4 years ago

Luna lover

This song is the reason why I am alive

5 years ago

Fallon Paul

this song always cheers me up and makes me feel good about myself

6 years ago

PaigeAndMadi Bieber

2013, still listening :')

6 years ago


Just a couple corrections....specifically the verse...'the paint chips wait on your heart?????' What the hell, does that make any sense??? The line is ' the pain chips away at your heart' . Also the opening line is ......'in life, things may not always go right' and ' she's staring me in the face'. Seriously...paint

6 years ago

Lala Cooper

I know right! lol

6 years ago


Damn, 2008 and I just discovered this.

6 years ago

Gia isnotawkward

I Love this song :}

6 years ago

Nina Daniels


6 years ago


I freaking love this song! :D I love you girl you know who you are :) CANDICE MARIE CHAPUT!!! -3 my bestie/sister foreva!

6 years ago

Liv McQuaid

I love how its 2012 and this song still plays on the radio:) I love it:P

6 years ago

Swaggy King

Dont worry about what people say you are beautiful

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