Damien Rice - Unplayed Piano (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:54
Uploaded: 2010/11/24

Unplayed Piano was released in Ireland on June 17, 2005 and in the UK on June 20, 2005 to coincide with Aung San Suu Kyi's 60th birthday. The song was written for Suu Kyi following a visit by Damien to Burma in July 2004. Proceeds from the sale of the single go to the Burma campaign.


3 years ago

Wu Gx


3 years ago

Ken Lydo

Aung San Suu Kyi been pretty quiet bout Rohingya oppression from what I hear

3 years ago

Xiaofeng yu

Oh my god! Lisa and Damien are finally singing together again! PERFECT!

3 years ago

Z-Man Man

This is one of those songs that gets you the first time you hear it

3 years ago

Andrea Victoria

Come and see me, sing me to sleep, come and free me, or hold me if i need to weep..

3 years ago


Why doesn't the about information or the title not give credit to Lisa Hannigan?

3 years ago

Fernanda Farfan

Me inspira 

3 years ago

Pauline Mary Curley

This is beautiful. I have a copyright question. There's a share button, so I guess it's legal to share. Can I freely link to this video from my (business) website?

3 years ago

Sheri Graham

Your daughter (girl singing) is beautiful.

3 years ago

David Blais

So glad he was born !

3 years ago


After all these years it still gives me chills.They used to make such beautiful music together ;_;

3 years ago

Greg Z


3 years ago


she "Suu Kyi!" cant be a person of peace anymore she has betrayed every believer!!!!

3 years ago

Ygor Souza

Damien and Lisa are perfect artists! What a tribute to Suu Kyi!

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