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Uploaded: 2010/01/16

C.W. McCall

Black Bear Road (1975)

1. Black Bear Road

2. The Silverton

3. Lewis And Clark

4. Oregon Trail

5. Ghost Town

6. Convoy

7. Long, Lonesome Road

8. Green River

9. Write Me A Song

10. Mountains On My Mind


5 years ago

August VanDeVoorde

"The Green"

5 years ago


"Now the memories are whirling in the eddies of our minds..."Great imagery for a song about a scary river ride.

8 years ago

Evan Waba


8 years ago

Andrew Gooch

music these days doesnt have great stuff like this

8 years ago


I was lucky enough to find this record, in a yard sale for 25 cents.

8 years ago


Black Bear Road what an awsome album. Whish i could find all McCalls albums on Cd would get them all in a new york second !!!!

9 years ago


I have it on 8 track, not that I have a method to play it.

9 years ago


I remember when I first heard C.W. McCall. I was in my uncle's Pete and the first time he played Wolf Creek Pass for me we were fixing to go down it!!! I'm still pulling seat cover out of my ass 36 years later!!!

9 years ago


Any one who wants to send a card or letter to Bill (CW McCall) his address is Bill Fries P.O. Box E Ouray, CO 81427 He was born November 15, 1928

9 years ago


This is an awsome song glad to see some of the classics still around

9 years ago

Jerry Howell

I love this song, I've played it so many times I wore the song out, lol

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