Crashcaptains - Kissing a Stranger (Live in the Studio) video free download

Duration: 02:58
Uploaded: 2014/06/16

Here's another one for the cameras. Live performance at Dorian Gray Studios, Berlin. Share away!!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped:

Sound: Tobias GroƟmann, Sebastian Klein, Thomas Latsko

Camera: Tim Kallweit, Hannes Schmidt, Hendrik Werner

Edit & Color: Tim Kallweit


Kissing A Stranger

You're standing in your ballet pumps, waving your hand

acting surprised at the coincidence

you've got the prettiest face and I cant think of a thing to say

so we walk along the working class monuments

in an awkward mood of quiet remembrance of this long gone idea that is somehow still here between us:

We're all the same in the face of love

noone gets it and noone gets enough

so kissing a stranger is better than kissing noone at all

This is the greatest city in the western world

with lovers so witty and well with words

they know just what to say

but at the end of the day noone really spoke

because beneath all the smooth talk and thick veneer

there's a deafening silence you can't fail to hear

and with every word it just gets more absurd in my ears

now the sun is going down in a fire upon the river

so I'll put my arms around you before you start to shiver

but you could be anyone -- I don't know you at all

I barely know myself -- how can I be with someone else?

And who can tell what's meant to be when all there is is mediocrity

and the head of the statue is ready to fall


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