Craig David - You Know What video free download

Duration: 03:35
Uploaded: 2009/07/31


3 years ago

Rafik M

This album was produced in 2000 for your info

3 years ago

Ait Hmad Youssef


4 years ago

Justin Ragoobar

Damn, after all these years still such a good album! way back playback. This guy was dope ....what happened to him?

4 years ago

dorcas swean

Sexiesssttt voice av EVER heard..!

4 years ago

Tonez M

omg Craig David needs do a new album 

4 years ago

Urgel Kibhat

très belle séquence de guitare dans ce morceau.

4 years ago

Tamara Smith

no dislikes.. that how you know that this music is perfect

4 years ago


the album this song was on "born to do it" was the shit. classic album.I'd listen to it over & over any day.

4 years ago

ashley wells

This Is My Favorite Song By Craig David, It's So Beautiful.

4 years ago

Rhisa Marie Parera

Used to love Craig David at this time. Miss good contemporary R&B. <3

4 years ago

Terrence Mbewe

this album made me start following uk rnb music

4 years ago


besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt waw

5 years ago

Joshua Frazier

im 25 and when i was younger. these were my JAMS. feel good music for sure. miss you on the radio Craig David

5 years ago


It's too bad that Craig David doesn't use his talent like this today. His music is terrible now, so we're forced to remember the old days.

6 years ago


Best RnB Album Ever???...YES! #Classic

7 years ago


Im in love with him <3

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