Craig David - Loyal Remix (Explicit Version) video free download

Duration: 03:10
Uploaded: 2014/01/17

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Craig David remixes Chris Brown's 'Loyal'

You can catch Craig's DJ set all the way from Miami at 10pm Friday evenings on Capital Xtra and listen to all previous shows at



3 years ago

Kenneth Poling

HOLY CRAP... this is amazing.. like wow.

3 years ago

Shawn Kay

where have you been craig, i miss your songs man please make new music

3 years ago

Aaron Gerald

Straight rescue hoe anthem lol

3 years ago

Catherine Mixter

Yesssss! Way better than Chris brown. I will always love Craig David! Lovin' him since 2000. 

3 years ago



3 years ago

Alexis Alintah

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Ziniah Robinson

Oh my lord I love him!!!!

3 years ago

cameron beetches

Duuuuuude...... come up with more singles. Forget remixing songs stick to singing ur own songs believe me

3 years ago

mandoumbe dia

C'est le meilleur des remix que je n'ai jamais écouté!!!COZ CRAIG YA THE BEST!

3 years ago

Ame'Run Queen

Magnifique! Amazing Craig! <3

3 years ago


Positive remix.

3 years ago

Martina Barnett

Love it!

3 years ago

Jessy Jess

We miss you Craig!!! We miss YOUR songs...We have enough singers that condescends women in their songs we want YOU and your songs BACK! 

3 years ago

Exquisite Infinitely Adored

WowOw <3 

3 years ago


I miss him!

3 years ago

sudanese song

woooooooooooooow best playing remix in all around the world

3 years ago

Daniel Pizzi

Great song!

3 years ago

Heshan Wijegunaratne

Craig doing Brezzy Loyal! Cool! old skool early 2000s cool! lol nicee

3 years ago


Pure voice, always has been always will be. One of the best voices in music for decades...yes decades.

3 years ago

Sativa Romantica

I need more Craig David in my life. Too little music left that's not just unnecesarily degrading for everybody involved... :(

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