Conor Maynard & Anth - Incomplete (ORIGINAL SONG) video free download

Duration: 04:42
Uploaded: 2011/07/04

HERE IT IS!!! The first original myself and Anth have ever uploaded to YouTube! Hope you all enjoy it... all for you!!

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Another day given

Another day I'm living

Another day where I can't figure what I am missing

The ball is in my court

I'm pacing back and fourth

I thought I loved the game and simply did it for the sport

I think about the money, I think about the fame

When you're broke as I am, then you wouldn't blame

My angers building up

And keeps on filling up

Until it overflows and shows and I can't seal it up

So I drink another beer, until the pictures clear

Driving down this road to fame, don't know which way to steer

People try to tell me, butI never wanna hear

Because most of them are snakes hissing up in my ear

They think I'm so dumb, just cus im so young

But it shouldn't make a difference what year I come from

I know I'm still a teen, yeah man I'm still a kid

I feel like something missing I just don't know know what it is


Empty (empty), spaces (spaces), fill me up with holes,

Distant (distant), faces, with no place left to go,

Without you (without you) within me (within me),

I can't find a way,

Where I'm (where I'm), going (going),

Is anybodies guess.


Another day pass

It ended so fast

Another day that I wasted that I can't get back

Why am I wasting time

From spitting all these rhymes

I think about it every time I jot every single line

I've been through so much bad, I've been through hell

But you could never tell, cus I learned to hide it well

This is the life I live, that's just the way it is

So many things ive done that I wish I never did

Im tryna be the best, but that just causes stress

I feel like dropping the pen so I can finally rest

I know it isn't right, I know it so wrong

But what can I do when its been like this for so long

Don't try to understand, because you never will

Erase all of the fake and this is how I really feel

You think it's just a lie, well look me in the eyes

And you can see just how incomplete I feel inside


Take a look at me, and see through all the pride,

You'll find all the pain and all the fear inside,

Even with all my fans, I've never felt more alone,

But don't you save me cause I just wanna be on my own,

Echoes in my head,

Looking back into the times when i could wake from this nightmare,

And now my eyes are locked shut and I can't find my way home,

I know i've made my mistakes I'm only human we're all the same,

Thing's I'll pay for, for the rest of my life but who are you to blame?

I can't (can't) take (take) the weight of the world (world) on (on) on my shoulders,

There's something missing from me,

I must be incomplete.



4 years ago

Julian Xu

man throwback

4 years ago

Muneeb Hanif

Holy shit major throwback! Fav cover of all time

4 years ago

Ashly Mumaw

Anth is definitely not a bad rapper u douches i mean fr stfu

5 years ago

nata natita

Me encanta esta cancion!!!!!!!es preciosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mejor cantante del mundo..conor maynard..os lo recomiendo...comenzo su carrera en 2010 pero es el mejor cantante..os recomiendo  que escucheis todas sus canciones...a partes...ES WAPO!!!!!!!!Besos y os dejo aqui la cancion...

5 years ago


Worst rapper ever

5 years ago


Worst rapper ever

5 years ago

steffan fris

What a faggot hahah :Dbye bye gay boys :D

5 years ago

elamri hafida

i love this song :D

5 years ago


I mean it isn't "(ORIGINAL)" but it's not a bad version. Still like the backstreet boys version better 

5 years ago

Emily Nicholas cage voices are awesome 

5 years ago

Cameria Cummings

Can you sing where I wanna be Donnell Jones 

5 years ago

mallikarjun arjun

Awesome song

5 years ago

Missy McGuire

Anth is fucking amazing I love you !!

5 years ago

issa paul

wowzzz ;p

5 years ago


Anth...I've been following your work for a while now. This song you and Connor did is by far one of the best I've ever heard. Personally I think you should do this song again and do a better video. The video is great don't get me wrong. But I think you guys should do another video for this. I know you you don't want to do a collaboration with other rappers but maybe its time you do. I'd love to shoot down there to you and do something with you. You probably won't. But I can ask right...? So keep the great verses coming homie!!! Pills N Potions was great too. Should've done longer verses but its still fire. 

5 years ago

Omar Reven

good job ^_^

5 years ago

Lauralie alliotte

Perfect! .

5 years ago


I wish I could download this song

5 years ago


Got your album from itunes

5 years ago


Good job guys!!

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