Coldplay - Speed Of Sound video free download

Duration: 04:30
Uploaded: 2011/05/28

Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, is out now! Download it at or get the CD at

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4 years ago

David Robb

One of my favorite group listen to when high

4 years ago

Mira Gibson

I ♥ coldplay so much I've been listening to it since I was like 3

4 years ago

Mike Hunt


4 years ago

GARY Paul Simon SHAW

When played backwards a real life alien speaks a coded embedded message for the world to hear.

4 years ago

usagi tsukino

one of my favourite "wake up at 3:00 Am" songs.

4 years ago

Bryan Wigfall

this song is very relaxing.

4 years ago


Every ColdPlay Song Sounds So dreamy. It's like it sends you to another world instantly, Idk I cant explain it but if you know what im talking about then you'll understand...

4 years ago

Randy August

Its sad he is only doing one more album then he's done

4 years ago


Diganme por favor que no soy el unico que vino por una pelicula de huevos, nostalgia de nuevo a mi :)

4 years ago

Manav Sharma

still feel the same ....the way i felt 10 years back,,,being a year 11 student... love the leads !!!

4 years ago

The Emerald Minecart

I have all of there songs viva la vida paradise ect

4 years ago

The Emerald Minecart

I love cold play [:

4 years ago

Franco Hirang

I listen to classic music like Queen or The Beatles but Coldplay is one of those exceptions of "modern music" that I'll listen to! 

4 years ago

Connor Hutchins

Sounds like Fall out Boy

4 years ago

OmaR Alaa

Love listening to this song while watching the sun set everyday 

4 years ago

YazCar Vane

Una Película de Huevos /._./

4 years ago

Araceli Aguirre

I LOVE YOU COLDPLAY :-) FOREVER IN MY HEART <3 Best band in my life.

4 years ago

Hieu Pham

Listen to Strawberry Swing by Coldplay.You can thank me later.Also like if you're listening in 2016.

4 years ago


1:37 would be a perfect desktop wallpaper, if it was hd

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