Coldplay - Princess Of China ft. Rihanna video free download

Duration: 03:35
Uploaded: 2012/06/03

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4 years ago

Jalal Partovi

✓✓✓∫ ∂ √∂ ∫(≈∑ )

4 years ago

Naina Puri

Combo of Favs : Rihanna & Coldplay

4 years ago

Franklin NJ

Rihanna when she performs and sings is out of this world, magic happens...

4 years ago

Mantas miner

They didn't kissed((((

4 years ago



4 years ago

Hrach Frangulain

4 years ago

Aline Verney

Love this song ♡

4 years ago


I find it funny how sterotypical this video is >~>

4 years ago

Raditya Haryadi

Check out this video on YouTube:

4 years ago

Namey McFakename

What the hell happened to Coldplay? Viva La Vida was a great album, then they follow it up with this top-40 pandering crap. Rihanna should be adapting to Coldplay's style, not the other way around.

4 years ago

Josephine Krenitsky

Love this video and the song!

4 years ago

klaudia calderón

Chris Martin looks so hot

4 years ago

Salina Young

Chris Martin ❤️ Rihanna THEY SHOULD BE A THING.?? I love this song so much.

4 years ago

Asma Drew.B

I like Rihanna so much ♥♥♥♥

4 years ago

kadmiel duarte

Muy buena cancion pero el audio no se

4 years ago

Kanelen c

This song is EPIC!I love the part when they say "You stole my star, lalalalalalala, lalalalalalala,lalalalalalala

4 years ago

Nis go

i love more coldplay with its character of music.

4 years ago

Serdar Guleryuz

the best song ever for me. Every time.

4 years ago

Doge Wow

Wow, Riha-cat such China

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