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Duration: 04:30
Uploaded: 2009/10/17

MESSIAH (feat. David Fohe of 'Imisi)

Written by Mark Mohr and Avion Blackman

Arranged by Mark Mohr, Avion Blackman, Obie Obien, Jennifer Howland, Bobby Cressey and Christafari

Inspired by Revelation 5:11-13, Mark 16:6, Acts 2:23-25 and John 1:29

Chorus: Messiah, my Savior / Please touch my soul / Messiah, my Savior / Lord draw me close. For You are worthy / Hallelujah / You are worthy / My Messiah (2X) / (CHORUS) / Death could not hold Him down (4X) / He is risen / Hallelujah / He is risen / My Messiah (2X) / (CHORUS) / Hallelujah / Hallelujah / Hallelujah / Worthy is the Lamb (Repeat) / Holy, Holy, Holy


3 years ago

Guilherme Costa

Christafari manda muito bem!

3 years ago

juliano bruno

Forget sons religions, independent love God with everything, and follow his commandments

3 years ago

Missy LucayLucay

Philippines !!! :) hallelujah !

3 years ago


I Love You Guys So Much. As a Christian this music means so much to me being a Big Reggae fan, but not agreeing with Rastafarians over the deity of Selassie & their belief in the use of Ganja as a sacrament. I was first introduced to Reggae in 1976 when my wife brought home Bob Marley & The Wailers album Rastaman Vibration. The album is still my favorite even though I am not Rasta. I want to play some Reggae in our Worship service at some point. I just started going to this Church & there's not many there that know anything about Reggae & the Big Revival within this culture with groups like Christafari, Wayne Stoddart, Osmond Collins, Papa San, Sanchez, Bishop Yesehaq Sound System, Little Kirk, Rondell Positive, Kemoy Radic & many others who are bringing the Gospel Message into Reggae Music. Also the fact that is Not Being acknowledged by Rastafarians that Bob Marley was Baptized by Abuna Yesehaq (the former head of The Ethiopian Coptic Church, sent by Haile Selassie to start Churches & Teach The Truth in New York & the Caribbean) and was a Christian in the latter part of his life.

3 years ago

Rogerio Freitas


3 years ago

Bryan Publi

Show de bola

3 years ago


"He has risen. HalleluYah!" Wonderful song 

3 years ago

Gaston Elias

Christafari - Messiah

3 years ago

Ariel Borysik

You Born in 1989:D Nice:D Me too i am Ajo 

3 years ago

Mj Mensaheroxxx Mangangaral

You are worthy Hallelujah You are worthy Messiah -GOD BLESS CHRISTAFARI !!! THANKS :]

3 years ago

Nathan Sooalo

Hey homies, anyone know the chords!?

3 years ago

ivanklebes pereira da silva

otimas musicas

3 years ago



3 years ago

Derry Frida Díaz


3 years ago

osvaldo ragone

me re+gusta ..gloria a Dios 

4 years ago

Samuel A.

Bola de neve 21 de março eu estarei la

4 years ago

Eduardo Henrique

Louvado seja o nome dentre os nomes, toda Honra e toda Gloria ao Yeshua Hamashia

4 years ago

marcos moraes

Lindo reggae gospel ,Glorias a Deus.

4 years ago

Antonio Ruiz

i luv wee...

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