Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons [OFFICIAL VIDEO] video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2011/11/22

New album SUCKER available now in the US/CA (Jan 26 in UK/Europe).

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Directed by Ryan Andrews

Video effects by


3 years ago


Those eyes

3 years ago

Gris Alv

Llegué a esta canción por Two Night Stand...

3 years ago


I love everything about both song and video! The effects are just awesome. So retro!

3 years ago


do the keyboards remind anyone else of New Order's "True Faith"?

3 years ago

abbie mcgrath

I'm so glad she changed for sucker just my opinion

3 years ago

augusto chiaradia

Two Night Stand :DDD

3 years ago


I'm addicted !!!

3 years ago

emma butcher

All of her songs are incredible!!! :D

3 years ago

Tin Cole

My favourite Charli's song <3

3 years ago

Fghh Fghfgh

Awesome song much better than her new stuff.

3 years ago

catherine elizabeth

I love everthing about this song and video!

3 years ago

Ayluu Tobias

I'm really in love with this song

3 years ago


thats a really good song!

3 years ago


omg what a chav

3 years ago

Red Siren

It's such a shame she sold out. No more amateur videos, no more high platform shoes, no more darkwave... sucks, man.

3 years ago

Gean Carlos

Contain samples of No Doubt - It's My Life? OMG

3 years ago

Gala Ceir

viva la old school. has a bit of a cure feel

3 years ago

arturo cg

Nice aesthetics 

3 years ago

lee malone

Always been my favorite of hers, glad it's finding more of an audience after being in a movie. Guess I should check out Two Night Stand then.

3 years ago

Christian Chagas

This be

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