Charli XCX - Moments In Love video free download

Duration: 01:41
Uploaded: 2013/01/04

Fan-made music video for my favourite track of Charli XCX' Super Ultra Mixtape using the kiss scene from Cruel Intentions


3 years ago

James Alvarado

Good movie sexy video but be better if you were in it

3 years ago

Lorna De la Hoz

Qué peli es?? 

3 years ago

Armys Oviedo

I love this video! Very hot xD

4 years ago

Popis stuff

I love the video!

4 years ago

victoria siempre

Art of Noise - Moments in Love

5 years ago


i wish this was longer ;_;

5 years ago


okay, this shit is super sexy :o Charli brought me here, but shit, I have to watch this movie.. thanks mate.. ^.^

5 years ago


❤I love this

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