Charli XCX - !Franchesckaar! video free download

Duration: 03:29
Uploaded: 2011/10/30

The first track from the '!Franchesckaar!' EP by Charli XCX. The remixes also found on this EP will be uploaded soon.

I own nothing above. I am simply spreading the word of good music artists and tracks. Enjoy the track. Watch in 1080p for the highest quality!

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Comment me with your views on this quirky upbeat electro beat!


3 years ago


Ohhh I loved this song, it was played during one of the Versace's shows like 5-7 years ago.. I'm not sure? I remember I tried to find it after watching the show, but it took me ages, couldn't find it anywhere here on yt :D aaaw memories :D btw that's so much better than any of her new songs :/

3 years ago

francesca kenneally

fuck yes

3 years ago

Vanessa Herrera

Me encanta esta canción...mi ingles no es lo suficientemente bueno para desenredar la letra ajajajaja igual , es genial , y muy pegajosa 

3 years ago

Sophie Cole

I remember being like ten and playing a dress up game and this song was the backing music. I'm so glad I found this song!

3 years ago

Izabelle Christine

I actually like it! :) I mean it's nothing compared to her music these days but for being 14 this is pretty amazing! Especially without a commercial releases & ect. I love you so much Charli :) ❤️

3 years ago


Love this !

3 years ago


* - *

3 years ago


Does Charlie XCX not know how to get her own sound? She's kind of a mimic. I mean this is Lily Allen ALL OVER with a rave soundtrack. Everything else I've heard is Gwen Stefani. o.O 

3 years ago

Leonardo Villanueva

Versace song amazing, now that girls sing only crap

3 years ago


Well, there goes 2 minutes of my life I wish I could get back. No talent, bet she sucked someone off real well for that record deal.

3 years ago

FrancescoPaolo Decleva

there is an army of people named Francesca (and an army of people named Francesco), be careful. :D

3 years ago

Francesca Broadbent

my name XD ! FRANCESCA 

3 years ago

Jay G

I had a friend named Francesca. She was the most popular in the class. Everyone crowded her.

3 years ago

Richard punks

Well this songs sucks 

3 years ago

Josh James

I remember loving this song years ago [still do] & her playing at Stortford Music Festival, as she's from Hertfordshire, it's great she's finally getting some well-deserved & earned notoriety. 

4 years ago

Francesca Dellosa

Ahhh my names francesca

4 years ago

Lauren Thomas

She almost sounds a little bit like Marina and the Diamonds in this song.

4 years ago

francesca x

thas me ;)

4 years ago

sam walker

This is perf!

4 years ago

Courtney Gundry-Cody

love it

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