Charli XCX - Break the Rules (Miracles of Modern Science cover) video free download

Duration: 03:44
Uploaded: 2014/08/28

Here's our take on Charli XCX's badass new song!

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Miracles of Modern Science are a chamber pop band from Brooklyn, NY. We make inventive pop music using classical strings, drums, and vocals (no guitars).


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3 years ago

Ali Mef

dislike, the way you sing is really irritating

3 years ago

Ib kawalli

Wow hermosoo

3 years ago

Manfred Perus

Cool cover guys

3 years ago


amazing version !the singer looks like mika :o

3 years ago

star bd

I love MoMs :)

3 years ago


Do you ever plan on coming to Brazil? Pretty please? :)

3 years ago

Robert Mark Pacheco


3 years ago

Daniel Rodriguez

Los descubrí por su cover de Daft Punk, después de eso ya he escuchado casi todas sus canciones!, muy buen grupo, Felicidades! :)

3 years ago

Applebrei HD

You're awesome, the best version ever!!!

3 years ago

Foncho Landín

Make covers from keane or Radiohead songs. You are wonderful!

3 years ago

Nedas ltu

THis is best this song cover

3 years ago

Romeo Matthew

come to Jakarta!!

4 years ago

Paul Canary d'e Table

The channel deserve more subscribers =)

4 years ago

Benjamin Johnson

This is really good. Skipped school today!! WOOHOO

4 years ago


I'd there a full version of the song at the end?

4 years ago


this day started like shit and than I discovered you guys! THANKS for making the best covers I heard in a long time:D btw: thats some serious metal at 2:03 :D

4 years ago

bagus cahyo Purnomo

An awesome band, would you tour in Indonesia?, i can't wait any longer for your coming here, :D

4 years ago

Valeria Bautista

Im from México and this is just awsome! Im a fan to Charlie XCX too but you guys rock!

4 years ago

Chloé Amat

OMG! it's so perfect!! Better than the original! I love it so much!!

4 years ago

Hailah Abdullah

You guys are AWESOME!!greetings from middle east

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