Carrie Underwood - Smoke Break video free download

Duration: 03:36
Uploaded: 2015/08/26

Carrie Underwood’s new single “Smoke Break” is available now.

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“Smoke Break” is from Carrie’s upcoming album, Storyteller, available October 23rd worldwide.

Preorder the album now on Amazon:

Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Smoke Break. (C) 2015 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Sony Music Nashville, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


2 years ago

Roseana Ferreira

musica perfeita, artista perfeita ❤

2 years ago

Christina Steinkuehler

Love it

2 years ago

Green Raver

I don't smoke, but sometimes I need a fat bowl

2 years ago


That's the same Diner where Gaga filmed Telephone

2 years ago

Elijah Lombardo

ok i need to live were ever in the hell she is , hot as girls literly everywhere

2 years ago

David Boggs

hahaha typical country video, starts out in a dusty field with an old truck driving over hills LMAOOO.

2 years ago


Some arse apart of magic and some know how to use magic. your the latter. Kwon

2 years ago


I wonder if Mike Fisher is watching this.

2 years ago

Bullet Holes

Hi everybody! We need your support!We are a young band, check out our channel and listen to our music please :)

2 years ago

Angie Lee

I feel like the layout of this music video is like Jewel- Standing still

2 years ago

Tyler Asberry

people getting bent out of shape over the title of this song, but what about Miss Kacy Musgraves "Blowin Smoke"? Grow up. be an adult. Besides, Carrie is telling a story not saying she personally smokes .

2 years ago

Jay Acevedo

Lovin' it! Can't wait for the album!

2 years ago


Not my favorite single from her, but MY GOD, definitely the sexiest she's ever looked in any of her videos.

2 years ago

Tramaine Terrance

Carrie Underwoord is one of American Idol's, best picks to be successful and make a shitload of money. I love when she sings the "Sunday Night Football Theme Song", she does a "great job" every time tho. (Keep up the good work)

2 years ago

AJ Salvaleon

It seems like everybody misses their queen.

2 years ago

Holli Wood

This one is hot, hot, hot!

2 years ago

sponge bob

yes, I love this song already. she never fails to put out good music ! love her !!

2 years ago

Yisroel Rudy

Love it she looks amazinggggg

2 years ago

Michela Meloni

I love it !! I love Carrie... She's my idol

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