Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley (Ukulele Cover by Stormy Amorette) video free download

Duration: 02:28
Uploaded: 2013/02/20

Update- Check out my most recent cover here:

Hey guys & gals! Its been far too long since I uploaded a new cover video! I decided on one of my favorite Elvis Presley songs.

Here are the chords:

Intro: F G Am F C G7 C G7

Verse: C Em Am F C G / F G Am F C G7 C

Bridge: Em B7 Em B7 / Em B7 Em A7 Dm7 G7

Strumming Pattern:

Down Down Up Up Down

**For those of you wondering: I play on a Lanikai Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele :)

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3 years ago

Tobias Steffen


3 years ago


I can dig Elvis

3 years ago

Yoleny Sanchez

beautiful voice and interpretation follow up videos greetings from Dominican Republic

3 years ago

Keanna Naval

Would it be okay if u do a tutorial on this? Thank you

3 years ago

Wallace Napier

Hi Stormy. I hope you don't mind...I'm sharing your cover on my FB page...I really like it and think you are very talented. Thanks for bringing back the simple tunes and giving them their due. You've got a new fan!

3 years ago



3 years ago

Nola Roden

Great voice and very nice playing. Great job! :D

3 years ago

Carlo C

nice nice!! very nice voice

3 years ago

Kris S

What a voice my girl ! I love it ! :)

3 years ago

marianna schillaci

I just can't help falling in love with this cover, beautiful voice and arrangement!

3 years ago

peter roberts

love the ukulele and love this song,what a great voice too

3 years ago

andrew wallace


3 years ago

Dannu E

Your vocals are like young Michael Jackson, so smooth and beautiful.

3 years ago

juan jose pacheco lada


3 years ago

Jason Rudisill

You are beautiful and so is your just wow

3 years ago

Music Kitty

Your voice is so pretty!

3 years ago

Sarah Lectures

I would like to listen to your voice in the radio :) one day. why not ;)

3 years ago

Adán Martivela

I play guitar but I'm definitely getting a ukulele now!

3 years ago

Adán Martivela


3 years ago

V Williams

Beautiful Stormy! You have a gift...I pray you are still using it! Thank you for sharing!

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