Brothers In Arms - Joan Baez video free download

Duration: 05:01
Uploaded: 2013/04/21

1960 - 2000 with great Joan Baez.

Original from Dire Straits Mark Knopfler .


3 years ago

Luis DeFrancesco

Joan Baez ....awesome singing "Brothers In Arms"...original from Dire Straits by Mark Knopfler .

3 years ago

Christopher Musson

Beautiful lady with a timeless voice

3 years ago


You have to read the lyrics to fully appreciate this song and why it is meant for all of man's history:What a wonderful version by Joan. 

3 years ago

John Deming

Wow! Beautiful take!

3 years ago

Richard Burton

That was awesome. I didn't know she covered this. 

3 years ago

Helen Paul

what a truly haunting sound in the dead of the night, rhetorical and engaging sound of JBaez...

3 years ago


nice..but the orginal version is better

3 years ago


Muito além de um simples cover! Voz marcante de Joan Baez!

3 years ago

Iris Mueck

Joan - Great!

3 years ago

Marcelo Nascimento

Se você puder se tornar um especialista em palavras, toda a sua vida será totalmente diferente. Se uma palavra trouxer infelicidade, raiva, conflito ou discussão, abandone-a. Qual é o sentido de carregá-la? Substitua-a por algo melhor. O melhor é o silêncio, depois é o canto, a poesia, o amor.Osho,BOA NOITE AMIGOS !!!!

3 years ago


nun se pò sentì....

3 years ago


eine göttin

3 years ago

Dopey Bashful

Love her performanceBrothers In Arms - Joan Baez

3 years ago

gustavo arribau

.Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente. (Dire Straits)

3 years ago

Caterina Buluggiu

Only Music can do magics like this..... <3

3 years ago

Andrew Sisson

just beautiful. tears run down my face. and men DO cry.

3 years ago

Esteban Miguel Botta

* * * * * stars

3 years ago


Once every five years or so I stumble upon a song that actually makes me cry. This is one of them. A stunningly beautiful performance. Joan looks and sings like an angel and one can only dream of the emotional impact this would have with Mark's guitar added on top. I'm truly grateful to have heard this.

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