Britney Spears - Make Me... ft. G-Eazy video free download

Duration: 04:54
Uploaded: 2016/08/05

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3 years ago

Diana Orama

This videos wasn't good the beginning was immature . have something with story in it . 

3 years ago

Jennifer Nzrose

The song is beautiful, but the MV is just so so, why people have to strip off to get attention, Britney is so much better than that, and she needs to realize this!

3 years ago

duda Maciel

o cara do are you the one

3 years ago

Thiago Andrade


3 years ago

Suki ,

Is this a porno or a music clip?

3 years ago

Dereck Henrique


3 years ago

shel reed


3 years ago

Anais Guzman

terrible camera directing.... who is the director of this? I'm better at directing than whoever made this shit.

3 years ago

Jx Gap

i like that elegant TV though

3 years ago

Haania Samnani

I like that in this video they made the boys strip

3 years ago

Hugo Sanchez

Ariana en 5 días ya superó a Britney ahahhahaa

3 years ago

Brend Spofly

Britney es muy hermosa.

3 years ago

joseth pinzon

aun me sigo preguntando si las audiciones eran para hacer un video porno?

3 years ago

Renelle Lilley

G Eazy is hot

3 years ago

ashwin bohra

Good song

3 years ago

Jesse Newell

All of these ripped dudes and then Eazy walks in looking like your Alcoholic cousin.

3 years ago

Xy Ngau

britney spears come back.....awesome !!!!

3 years ago

Jk Rowling Rowling

25.666.190 views. What a scary number!

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