Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U video free download

Duration: 03:23
Uploaded: 2009/10/25

Music video by Britney Spears performing I'm A Slave 4 U. (C) 2001 Zomba Recording LLC


4 years ago

Katerina Lepore

Tbh I think glee version was better

4 years ago


justin timberlake 1: 57 ?

4 years ago

Khryziel Ariosa

I want to have a body like this. OMG! You're still my favorite Britney. <3

4 years ago

Elizabeth Barajas

Britney spears is mean you ahould see the video when she is in a show were people sing and she made someone cry in the stage!

4 years ago


The choreography.. good Lord! Even in 2015 it slays! WHUT.

4 years ago


Ahh around the time when britney had a perfect body... 

4 years ago

Brandi Battle

I feel like I relate to this song. Everybody thinks I'm a shy little 19 year old girl and then they're shocked when they see me dance and have fun. It's like they see a whole other person. #alwaysthequietones

4 years ago


It's normal that I have a boner watching this? 

4 years ago

G Reyes

I love Britney!...But I wish she would go back to dancing like this! She was such a badass!

4 years ago

Arlington Christ

This bitch in heat looks like a methwhore in orgies. They all shall be cast to the depths of hell.

4 years ago

Abhilasha Rai

I love the beats...amazing

4 years ago

Lizeth Hernandez

If u get the song she's saying she will be a slave for the devil

4 years ago


no comment...

4 years ago

sharon Njuguna

At 0:33, she look's like a fairy with blue shadow and all of that sweat. Or water.

4 years ago

409 In Your Coffee Maker

get it, get it, woahhhh

4 years ago


I'm a slave 4 u since 1998 babe! ♥

4 years ago

cindy cindy


4 years ago

A Bardeft

jey wale

4 years ago


Britney Spears Loove

4 years ago

Mervin Lacy

So what if she was 19?? She was legal and young. between 18 and 30 women are young and tight and fuckable. They are fun to cheat your wife on with. Sorry ladies, but your boring conventional ways get in the way when you judge younger prettier girls and act like annoying psychos all the time with us, playing mommy with us.Not all women are like that thank you! Britney was hot!

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