Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls (Audio) video free download

Duration: 02:44
Uploaded: 2015/05/04

“Pretty Girls” out now!






3 years ago

Aya Tazarni

First time i heard it :

3 years ago

ciara Lovee

Pretty girls ;) cool

3 years ago

Bryan Fourie

What is Iggy even doing in this video except to sound more stupid than she looks?

3 years ago

MelodyParadise ­

I ONLY HEAR THIS FOR IGGY♥ Azalean hereeeee <--------

3 years ago

Bk Blanco

In the pic they have iggy looking like a sex goddess and Britney in MOM jeans lmao like the song! FYI Britney is a legend and I'm not a Stan just stating facts so please stop saying someone is done!!

3 years ago

G.L Allen

This song sounds like it would be from the 2000's

3 years ago

Christiaan de Goeij

On the first listening I hated this song, but it's growing on me! I love to see that Britney is having fun again! 

3 years ago

Bobby Manalastas

@Sheng L. Yang It does sound similar to Fancy's beat, but it's entirely different sound. Production is more elaborate. And Britney's voice, although to some extent auto-tuned, sits pretty good on those beats. Repeat mode is inevitable.

3 years ago

Sheng L. Yang

This song sounds like fancy soo catchy man

3 years ago

Marco Antonio Batista Mendes

OMG! Charli XCX Voice

3 years ago

Jordan Mulligan

Awful song 

3 years ago


likeee! :) Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls (Audio)

3 years ago

Leona B. Eaves

Thank you for sharing a great video

3 years ago

Roger Zapata

I love this song, I love Iggy.

3 years ago

Miss Lwensky

i love you iggy

3 years ago

Jorge Isaacs

So cool

3 years ago

Gemma Graziotti

like bees to the honey!

3 years ago

Xi Zui

work it hunny.

3 years ago

Marck Jean

Damn dis somg jus don't catch me

3 years ago

Eren Karakoca

I love Britney !! Britney Spears is the Queen Of Pop

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