Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (Audio) video free download

Duration: 03:50
Uploaded: 2011/01/13

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Audio preview of Britney Spears performing Hold It Against Me. (C) 2011 JIVE Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment


1 year ago



1 year ago

Bousquet Samuel


1 year ago

Menino Lê

Britney forever

1 year ago

Phillipe Jean

So beautiful memories

1 year ago

Jake Gladdy

I never heard this song before until now and it's quite catchy but I do prefer Britney's songs from the first decade of her career because she was at that time in my opinion at her very best. But this song is not that bad.

1 year ago


i play this song at every raep

1 year ago

Rose la salvatrice

Beauty i love britney

1 year ago

Gabriel Bonifácio

2018 ❤

1 year ago

Greek 101 Uncensored

love this song!

1 year ago

Avril Lavigne Fan 369

great song!

1 year ago

Kathy May

hmm.. Looking at this album cover and wondering if Taylor Swift saw this for her "Gory" pardon "Reputation" album cover too!

1 year ago

Aung Hlaing Win

Am I the only one person who listen this incredible song in 2017

2 years ago

Nicolás Proaño

Femme Fatale is my favorite album with all the dubstep stuff. I'm a millenial and I like it.

2 years ago

Eduardo Torrealba

The first song with Dubstep

2 years ago

Bobby Manalastas

i had this on repeat the whole night when this came out.. such a masterpiece.. i love all the elements of this song..especially britney's vocals..

2 years ago


I rarely listen to this song but I still love this song since '11.

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