Britney Spears - Everytime video free download

Duration: 04:08
Uploaded: 2009/10/25

Music video by Britney Spears performing Everytime. (C) 2004 Zomba Recording LLC


4 years ago

Jennifer Mabrey

o did she cut her wrist and she blead till she was knocked out

4 years ago

Chase Martin

That was some Whitney Houston foreshadowing....

4 years ago

Nicky Hutchinson

Sadness .

4 years ago


Man, i was 24 yrs old when i heard this song. Had a crush on her when i heard the song "hit me baby one more time" . Back then i was 18.. Wish i was in the States.. could ask her out on a date. Now im 35 reliving those " i wished" memories by goin thru her list of music videos.. those were the days me n my childhood crush..

4 years ago

george street

although the melody is so beautiful and melancholic , it makes me bring back all those sad moments Ive been going through!

4 years ago

David Herubel-METIN


4 years ago


3:43 Wtf. She's in a hospital bed, unconscious, and that goddamn person expects an autograph?!PS. Great vid and song, she sounds great in this :D

4 years ago

Aaron Madsen

Ripoff of Janet

4 years ago


I miss this versatile Britney Spears, it was a little after this when her personal life tore her career apart and she's never been the same since smfh

4 years ago

Christy Hays

No one will ever beat Britney in the looks department she is all that 

4 years ago


Masterpiece + Beautiful Lyrics + Beautiful girl + Piano = this song.

4 years ago

Tiana Scarlett

This song hits home so beautiful

4 years ago

Jenna Karli Jarett

My depression song! luv u brit

4 years ago

Shaindel Haskins

Love you

4 years ago

Marta Wojtarowicz

Is anyone exept me here for amazing Stephen Dorff?

4 years ago

Jordy Jay

Pause it at 3:54 - You're welcome 

4 years ago

Jay Gill

The start of this video is kinda ironic, cuz now ten years later Britney got a regularly show in Vegas singin' her best shit like this..

4 years ago


she was so sexy and skinny! what happend to her!

4 years ago

Jennifer Santos

I Love You Britney Love !!! <3

4 years ago

monsieur modjo68000

I love you Britney and I understand the meaning of your song: fans, paparazis, cameramen, all of this that you do lose half of your time 24 24, and even that sometimes you can not even have pais . And that's why he can enjoy his life what we are: stare, actress or singer, even if one is a blonde like you. Otherwise I have on-kifée clipe this is that faith can a sad and yet faith: you are very well dressed, go, hi, bisout.Faux ?

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