Brian McKnight - Back At One (Offical Music Video) video free download

Duration: 04:27
Uploaded: 2012/08/04

No copyright intended! Just wanted the official music video on my iPhone/iPod.


3 years ago

Jessica Ivory

this song feel upset bc i like this boy and he broke my feelings

3 years ago

Im A StOnEr

Back At One............

3 years ago

Sherry L

I want him to sing at my wedding!!!!

3 years ago


Love this song.

3 years ago

Val JazzyRed L

My other Brian McKnight song!Happy Birthday #Gem

3 years ago

Kevin Wong

This Man D*serve The Best In Music From The *90tiez & So Far:) His DOB*Is Upcomin***Cheers...Don*t Forget 2Dropby My Humble *Page: xoxo K^^

3 years ago

Rae-Lonnie Hawkins

Beautiful song

3 years ago

Alanna tia

i just love the 90s ! so happy i was born in that era

3 years ago

Romell Poellinetz

Thats so gangster he didnt fuck up his outfit and he was just walking through a dusty ass field after a plane crash

3 years ago


Thanks Nathan Farias:-)Touching video!★Beautiful Song by Brian McKnight

3 years ago


Just popped in my head i use to love this song 

3 years ago


the best music!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Wisuth Sirawut

Brian McKnight - Back At One 

3 years ago

Shonda Briscoe

I could still see myself with ❤YOU❤...

3 years ago


That Intro gets me everytime!!!! sheesh!!!!

3 years ago

rudy ram

Damn great song danced this song with a girl in my parents room she ditched school came to my house will always remember her SANDRA from RUDY

3 years ago

Niwat Kaewrattana

wow ,nice song which i like

3 years ago


they dont make music like this anymore..

3 years ago

MightyLawns T.V.


3 years ago

Juasia Dawkins

This is going to be my wedding song one day

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