Ben Folds - Jesusland video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2009/10/25

Music video by Ben Folds performing Jesusland. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


3 years ago

Cliff C

Wow! Calcifer, you may be the only other person in the world that understood that this song is mostly about the deterioration of the belt.

3 years ago

Calcifer Boheme

The song isn't directly about religion, though it is connected. It's mostly about the deterioration of towns and cities in the bible belt. Ben is from Chapel Hill, NC. I'm from a couple hours from there and the song/video are very reminiscent of this area.

3 years ago

David Webb

Miracles Guaranteed, Call 08000-397-851216, we're ready to listen

3 years ago

Wi To

Reminds me of the Reverend Ike's promised riches, gold chains, and Rolls Royces!

3 years ago

Lewku Dluffy

Matt Lucas is awesome

3 years ago


Nope Ben is Jewish...he is mocking the stupidity of his followers......and what it does to people or....doesn't people......I have met him 4 times....first at a Bat might want to re listen to this songReply

3 years ago


I have read the comments that people have been posting and i dont think that you realize the saying behind the song. Its about Jesus coming back and being disgusted by the people who worship him.

4 years ago

Robin Simmons

Jesus saves souls and redeems them for valuable prizes! Thank you, Jebus!

4 years ago


that was the bomb

4 years ago

scot scottie

Rev Lukas Clearhart on the TV is Matt Lucas from 'Little Britain' taking the mickey.

4 years ago

Mitchell Dennis

love this song

4 years ago


For school I have to write a play. I have an idea and if it were going to be a film instead of a play this song would be so perfect :D

4 years ago


What I like about Ben Folds's lyrics is that they show that he is thinking. A lot of songs seem like nobody's put much thought into them. Many of Ben's songs are like short stories -- you get to listen to them and find out something that happened to someone in the story, just the way you would from reading a short story, except with excellent music to hear at the same time. 

4 years ago

gefen malihi

Ben Folds

4 years ago

jason mossman

Can any drummer tell me the name of the snare drum beat they use in this song? How would I describe that beat for a drummer. 

4 years ago

gabriel barbosa


4 years ago

Chris Olson

thank you bill maher for showing me this song

4 years ago


The song is beautiful but the video adds so much too. I come revisit this video pretty often. It might be my favorite video on youtube. Very very affecting.

4 years ago

Poodle Shooter

Just realized the guy on the T.V was Matt Lucas...

4 years ago

Jack Hulse

Such a good movie

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