Bal-Sagoth - A Tale From The Deep Woods video free download

Duration: 05:36
Uploaded: 2013/02/03

Bal-Sagoth: "A Tale From The Deep Woods", from the album "Battle Magic" (Cacophonous, 1998, NIHIL29CD). Slideshow.

Lyrics: Byron A. Roberts

Music: J & C Maudling

All rights reserved.


5 years ago

Vasikan Surma

This belongs to top 5 songs from this band!!! They have so many magnificent songs that its so hard to measure which is best?

5 years ago

LD Jonasson

I have left metal behind mostly. Been in there for a decade. Can't take much of it these days. But you know what? Bal Sagoth still rocks my ass like a jackhammer on crack. Thank you for not following conventions, thank you for creating unique music, thank you for being creative and epic! If you'd run for presidential elections, i'd vote for ya!

5 years ago


This is the fist song that I ever heard of you guys. It fuckin' rules! It was in 1998 On the Deathmeister Compilation. You guys are the best! 

6 years ago

Ketojan iLeon

Pause at 1:01, and find ape face on tree.

6 years ago

Marcelo Oliveira


6 years ago


BENEATH THE OAK I REST BONE WEARY... hail mighty Bal sagoth!

6 years ago


I was 13-14 years old, getting thoroughly into metal, and got this album. At the time, it was the absolutely ideal music for me- symphonic, intricate, near-classical with a hint of film/game music... and metal! Still holds up :D

6 years ago


Oh I pray for a new album daily! Hail to the greatest band that ever existed!

6 years ago


Epic! :)

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