Axel Rudi Pell - Follow The Sign [Shadow Zone] video free download

Duration: 04:29
Uploaded: 2009/07/13


3 years ago

Shadow The Hedgehog

+Aaron Wilson Yep!

4 years ago

Hrag Avakian

@daniel magalhaes he is the best vocalists EVER no one can beat him.

4 years ago

Ανεμος Ανεμος

αδερφουλα μου δικο σου!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

S. Whitener

I love Johnny!! Me: (>^^)> Him: O.o

6 years ago

Indy The Great

That's kind of his style. Reminds me a lot of Dio.

6 years ago

Aaron Wilson

Johnny's awesome at singing!

6 years ago


This is awesome song. That bass guitar gives it power. Ideal song for running. And that guitar solo is incredible, 3:09 WHAT THE FUCK IST THIS ? I have to replay this part again and again and again.

6 years ago


@MegaShadowZX exactly what i was thinking! he reminds me so much of Ronnie James Dio

6 years ago


ARP is die absolute Krönung der Hard Rock Mucke... An ihm kommt und kann niemand vorbei.... Dacht stets Purple sei dat beste... RIchtig. BIs ich 2005 zum ersten Mal ARP hörte: Ride the rainbow... uuuuu

6 years ago


live is better:D

6 years ago


Ich finde sie klingen ein wenig nach Dio, echt Geil!

7 years ago

Patrick Derp

Sonic Adventure

7 years ago


@Murtag182 defo agree, he is also gr8 in crush 40 & hardline

7 years ago

Adán Marrufo

Johnny Gioleli has the most awesome voice ever!

7 years ago

Alisha Yoh

Johnny the best ! :-) See him Backstage in Bremen, really nice ! Keep on Rocking ! ;)

7 years ago

Matthias Labaye

J.F. Sotto is a so much better singer than Johny ... But the best part of his life isn't with Axel. I think he's a better singer on Talisman and Jeff Scott Soto band ... Johny is a good singer, but he will never sing as good as Soto ... But Axel Rudi Pell's still a FUCKING GREAT GUITARIST !!!

7 years ago

Daniel Magalhães

He may not be the best from a vocalist's standpoint, but he sounds fucking awesome! Johnny FTW!!!

7 years ago


this guy does some music for the sonic the hedgehog series too... most of those songs are ok but i like the guitarist from this band better then jun senoue

8 years ago

Kateřina Štěrbová

Johnny's got best voice on this planet....!

8 years ago



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