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Uploaded: 2011/03/10

Born Alela Diane Menig, she grew up singing with her musician parents and performing in the school choir. She taught herself guitar, and began writing songs which blend tense, trance-like arpeggios with warm vocals and meditative lyrics about family and nature. Her first recordings were self-released in 2003 as Forest Parade. Her first solo public appearances were at the invitation of fellow Nevada City native Joanna Newsom. She also did a stint in the Nevada City slow grass band Black Bear before continuing with her solo pursuits.


5 years ago

Maria Ts

Alela Diane Menig known as Alela Diane, is an American singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon.Alela Diane - Tatted Lace´╗┐

6 years ago

Joanne M

I love this song!

6 years ago


<3 <3 <3 <3

8 years ago


Love it!

8 years ago


amazingly talented!

8 years ago

Thomas Jesuha

One of her most beautiful songs.

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