Alabama - High Cotton video free download

Duration: 03:03
Uploaded: 2008/09/13

This is a great song from an amazing band, if you need any country music up just send me a message.

this aint my song is Alabama's,


4 years ago

walter shelnutt

wonderful song

4 years ago

Brad Houghton

Happy anniversary baby !!! 7years today !! All is well and It is finished !!!

4 years ago

mathieu leblanc

wow Alabama and group favorites music

4 years ago


God bless everyone, from a North Carolinian. :)

4 years ago

Joshua Nestberg


5 years ago

Doug Boggio

country music today is absolute garbage compared to this

5 years ago


Today's country just doesn't measure up to this.

5 years ago


I dont get he yee yee crap to me, your southern if you have the morals and values, not about how you act or what you say.

5 years ago

LEONIDAS stanescu

Hi I am from Spain and believe or not I just love souther rock and country music. good job yours. I am making a compilation of best of best (in my own taste, of course) to have it while cruising with my bike.

5 years ago

Savannah Reaux

Where's that monument at? 

5 years ago

joe lejo

i like this song nice

5 years ago


funny thing is for the past decade I've been a pure Metalhead stuff like Metallica,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden and bands like that but I STILL have this entire album memorized lol 

5 years ago


Being "Southern" has nothing to do with geography. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Live in Houston, Texas now. Trust me, Oklahoman's are a helluva lot more "Southern" than these shorthorns 'round here ever thunk about bein'! "Redneck", a term we take great pride in in my neck of the woods, is a state of mind. Keep it country ya'll! YEE-YEE!

5 years ago

Timothy Benton

Takes me back to my childhood thank you Jesus

5 years ago

Marilyn Stoddard

I love this song . It reminds me of my childhood

5 years ago

james cordova

This song and 5'oclock 500 are the best of Alabama

5 years ago

Claire Lowry

Those that dislike this song are not Southern. U have to know it to love it. And no one gets to take this away from me. I grew up in the city -- the child of rural transplants. But going to the 'country' was as good as Christmas. And -- those fertile fields are 'not forgotten'. The memories of those days is how my parents grew up. A time when families helped each other -- and no one was left in the cold. I treasure these memories, and u can't take that emotion away from me. A great song.

5 years ago

Sam Farmer

I love this tune

5 years ago

jake the farm kid

I live in Michigan but I was born in Arkansas and I hate the north

6 years ago


those are the ones whose mommas smacked on the head for interrupting while they were singing and dancing to great Alabama songs!

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