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4 years ago


Peter, Paul, Mary, Britney and me

4 years ago


Who else got brought here by 442oons?

4 years ago

yaya lol

she stole it from messi suarez and neymar

4 years ago

Catherine Failla

ooh gosh I just knew the 1,2,3 bit

4 years ago

Scarlet Ice

One day I asked my dad to explain this song to me when I was about 9 or 10 and he explained it in the most grossest way possible. I never listened to the song until now xD I love it again =3=

4 years ago

Paul the Unicorn

Paul: McCartney??!???!!??!!!?Mary: McCartney?!?!!!!?????!!... YASSSSSS

4 years ago

Ashley Allison

I got this off of racheal ballingers account 

4 years ago


I'm 14 and I still don't understand what this song means ;-; why is it dirty? ._.

4 years ago

Keira Heanne

I never understood what the dirty lyrics meant... eh, it's not that bad XD

4 years ago

dj lala v

I was 8 listing to this song now I understand everything and im 11

4 years ago


Oh my god. I never really listened that closely to the lyrics till now. I remember playing this song in the kitchen full blast while I was cooking with my mom. Good thing my mom's English isn't the best ... 

4 years ago

Rare and Snowy

2009 TUNES!

4 years ago


I thought it was catchy then i saw this video and read the lyrics

4 years ago

Smil iie

Idk if i see it wrongIt said sth like " INNOCENT" I dts lo

4 years ago

liz audus

I ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓢⓞⓝⓖ 

4 years ago

Andrea AKA Andreabean13

Peter Pan and Mary !

4 years ago


When I was 9 I thought this song was about counting...but it's about a threesome wtf

4 years ago

Antic Salt

This is a song about threesomes isn't it...my poor 9 year old self ;-;

4 years ago

Alysia Crawford

Am I the only one that thought it was "1,2,3 I need mac and cheese" XD

4 years ago

kathryn moore

Love this song... I just needed to go back when I was about 8. Awesome.e

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