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Длительность: 05:33
Загружено: 2014/12/18

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3 years назад

Owen Skadoodledoo

Headhunterz, you should not have switched your genre. Reason is simple, people came here to listen to great Hardstyle from an artist like you, but, now that you have switched your genre, not only did you lose the respect of your fans, you also started to make music in your channel turn bad. Take Showtek for example, his fans were so sad when he switch from Hardstyle to Bigroom, and now what, now his old fans no longer are subscribed to him. So please, stay with your origins.

3 years назад

Owen Skadoodledoo

It's a combo of Hardstyle and House! Cool!

3 years назад

Patrick Stephen

Sick beat!

3 years назад

Boris Banegas

We want Hardstyle! I dislike this, You're the best but in Hardstyle and this is not your style!

4 years назад


We first lost showtek to the house scene. You know, some people have to move on. At least this song has some Hardstyle left in it.

4 years назад

Sem leander

3;25 Damn I miss those synths

4 years назад

Kevin Arce

I'll like to listen your hardstyle that makes me the day better!

4 years назад

Dennis Kok

More hardstyle

4 years назад


heady what is this for a Mainstream shit at the beginning ? believe in hardstyle plz ;(

4 years назад

Sally Jenkins

Luv dis song

4 years назад


I don't get why people are hating when, Heady is having collabs with other artists that don't do hardstyle, ofc these collabs change the style of the music, that doesn't mean they get worse...

4 years назад


The hard is still there.DON'T LET IT DIEGood tunes but bro keep it upAs said before M.E Respect

4 years назад

Alexandre B

It's not hardstyle ?? !! :O

4 years назад

Hard Shady

stop the EDM ! come back to hardstyle we don't want you destroy the hardstyle music !

4 years назад


All them hardstyle fanatics here complaining and I'm here like: OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!

4 years назад

TargetOne K

Amazing track, ty :)

4 years назад

Jo L

3:05 button

4 years назад

Marcos Perez

whats up and the hardstyle this is showtek this is shit.

4 years назад


Stop hating on this guy, hes adding so much to EDM scene, nice melodies and heaaaavy kicks, i cant wait to see his collab with Oliver Heldens.Love your work heady, keep this upppppppppp!

4 years назад


Guys do you want the old Headhunterz back? Put speed at 1.25 and you have done ;)

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