The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night (Cover by Morgan AKA The Realist Project) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 02:30
Загружено: 2013/03/04

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Song: "A Hard Day's Night"

Band: The Beatles

Written by: John Lennon / Paul McCartney

Album: A Hard Day's Night (1964)

Performed by Morgan on January 21st, 2013, Chile.

Mathias Oroz: vocals, drums.

Allan Oroz: backing vocals, bass.

Diego Fuentes: electric guitar.

We all know where the roots are, so we decided it's time for a song, an anthem by The Beatles! This is our tribute to them. We hope you enjoy it!

MORGAN (Chile)


Please, check our facebook page!


3 years назад

Dillon Egan

Awesome cover, my favourite song in a high quality recording.

3 years назад



3 years назад

Alain Bradette

thank you so much for this... it sounds really awesome

3 years назад

Legendz MC

Great work! Subbed and liked 

3 years назад

orlando castillo muñoz

Les salió genial , fue escuchar a los beatles felicitaciones y saquen mas de los beatles!!

3 years назад

Isabela Troncoso

Ohh amo a los Beatles y encontré este cover y no caché que eran chilenos jajja de verdad les salió buenísimo

3 years назад

Col Torpay

sooo tight

3 years назад

dowank mufc

So good bro (Y)

3 years назад

unchangeable man

Good voice!!!Fine piece of work

3 years назад


Muy bien!! You guys need to cover the band Spoon because you have a similar sound.

3 years назад

adri ale

Excelente cover suenan muy bien los felicito :D 

3 years назад


Buenisimo !! suena espectacular ;) muy bueno sigan tocando The beatles hay muchas canciones buenas , ojalas saquen otra por que les sale muy bueno ;) que orgullo que sean chilenos :)

3 years назад


Good Job Guys...

3 years назад


El bajista tiene un parecido a Paul en los 60's

3 years назад

Jack Seals

This is amazing the singer is awesome I've been following you guys for a while an every now and then you guys pop into my head and I watch a couple of your vids. Today is one of them days!

3 years назад


Bass player looks like the Chilean Paul McCartney.Great cover gentlemen!

3 years назад

Mac Giver

Buena banda cabros (y)

3 years назад

Alonso Delgadillo

Where are you guys from?

3 years назад

juan pablo Diaz

Congrats viejazos! QUE COVER SACARON!

4 years назад

Sofia Pedroso

Muito legal, parabéns =D

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