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Загружено: 2015/10/28

A Day in The Life

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“If you listen to my playing, I try to become an instrument; play the mood of the song. For example, ‘Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire,’ - boom ba bom. I try to show that; the disenchanting mood. The drum fills are part of it.” Ringo Starr

Of very few individual songs can it be said, ‘This changed the course of popular music.’ ‘A Day In The Life’ is one such song.

Recorded in January and February 1967, a large orchestra was assembled for the amazing additional flourishes and fills, although at first the 40 classically trained musicians struggled with the concept of what they were being asked to play.

George Martin and Paul conducted the orchestra and helped to create a finished track that was more than just different, it was utterly unique. Starting from John’s beautiful song, the end result was something simply unbelievable.

As you can see from the film, this was no ordinary recording session. The classical musicians, who had been asked to wear evening dress, took it upon themselves to wear fake noses, funny hats and generally enter into the spirit of the occasion. Filmed between 8pm and 1am with guests including Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the occasion provided some of the inspiration for what transpired during the recording and filming of ‘All You Need Is Love’ for the Our World project.

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Jesuscastillo&Japon Niigata

Amo a The Beatles ellos hicieron de mi vida feliz :')

2 years назад

Jonathan Lawton

How can four twenty-somethings who couldn't even read music get from "She Loves You" to this in four years? They just felt their way; it was pure instinct, and that's why their magic will never die.

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Nick Wyatt

Back in the day . . . Sergeant Pepper was first played on the pirate radio station Radio London weeks, if not months before its release. They overdubbed a few Radio London jingles here and there to make sure that other stations couldn't steal it. But my dad had bought a Grundig reel-to-real tape recorder a year or two before and so I held the microphone to my transistor radio and taped the first ever bootleg copy of Sergeant Pepper. Sound quality was awful, but I had an unreleased Beatles LP. Boy!When the record was finally released, I gave my mother my saved-up money to go and buy the record for me and when I came home from school, there it was standing tall in its gatefold sleeve on the kitchen table. I was so happy.

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gregory scarpino

I love how mindless freaks can give anything the Beatles have done a thumbs down...delusional

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masaya muroi


2 years назад

Fatch Vids

I'm so upset... the Beatles are like my life, and I cant listen to any of there songs cuz of umg mk. especially my favorite song Lucy in the sky with diamonds. darn

2 years назад

Francisco “Disco Snuff” C

There should be no video for this song.

2 years назад

Luke Lemire

This is pretty killer cinematography for that era!

2 years назад

GCAT 1.618

I'd LOVE to turn you on...

2 years назад

Tu canal

susbribe to me. My chanel its good

2 years назад

a Zara


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Omar Estrada

who is that woman that screams

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Michael Joseph Jackson

wen de fuk will dey post a new vid

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