Sixx:A.M. - We Will Not Go Quietly (Official Video) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:35
Загружено: 2016/10/14

Official video for 'We Will Not Go Quietly'' by SIXX:A.M.

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Director: Wayne Isham

Producer: Dana Marshall

Prod. Company: Wondros

© 2016 Eleven Seven Music


1 year назад

Stephens Dygert

prayers for the damned had five strong songs love " the better man song" I thought the production was harsh and compressed. I hope prayers for the blessed will be a better production. Best produced album was heroin diaries. " this is gonna hurt is their best album. Modern vintage good production, thought the band got too commercial and cute on that record. Love the guitar work on barbarian could be Aj's best with six-am. I hope we all get blessed. dygertron review "the dream of the christmas guitar. u-tube.

1 year назад

Devon Dunlap

You can try and kill yourself but you can never kill me

1 year назад

Kat Merci

AMAZING SONG as usual ! Keep on rocking guys

1 year назад

Víctor Snow

They are amazing,please visit Spain

1 year назад

Sterling Glover

I was at this show! incredible line up, incredible show! glad I was there.

1 year назад

My Crew is Dope

They were amazing. Saw them yesterday in San Jose!

1 year назад

Mrs Magnum Hog

lol endorsement much?

1 year назад

Liane K

Shoutout to all the Germans that are finally able to watch this music video!

1 year назад

Mimi Kawaii

I love this video so much

1 year назад

jeffrey morneau

omfg DJ's solo !! so amazing!!

1 year назад


Sixx AM is one of the most consistent bands out there. All of their albums are quality. They could've stuck to the formula of being a band for the Nikki Sixx book, but they kept going. Can't wait to hear the new album.

1 year назад


Seen them last week - solid show - this song was awesome!

1 year назад


Seriously, can we get a record that doesn't sound like a "darker" Modern Vintage production-wise? Holy shit. The music is actually promising, as it was on Prayers for the Damned, but the production is FUCKED. I do, however, believe the slower songs probably won't sound as lifeless to me, so that's a good reason for me to put the ballads on repeat more than these songs.

1 year назад

Elle Liam

My neighbours knows what it means to NOT GO QUIETLY

1 year назад

Sak red

Can anyone be kind enough to figure out what the chords to this song are??:)would love to learn it acoustically

1 year назад

angie s

Love the part that gives me that slight reminder of "Faith Nor More" ..with all the Metal it's perfect.

1 year назад



1 year назад

Angela Needham

what is the copyriht on this?can I play it at our lil local Green FairAngela

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