Old Man's Child - Hominis Nocturna скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:23
Загружено: 2009/10/29

Artist: Old Man's Child / Album: (2000) Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation / Song: Hominis Nocturna

Hominis Nocturna

Dreams like dim lights of the dusk

We are the knights of incubus

Shadows blessed by the night

Embraced by the dreadful dark

Stare through eyes that can't see

My immortality, and the visions of my hate

Sense with feelings that can't feel

As life gets unreal, you are the captive of fate

Master of dark desires arrive as their kingdom falls

Master of divine desires arrive as Satan calls

The night crawls upon me

The wind whispers my name

Spelled by hypnotic trances

I dance through eternal flames

My beloved one I taste you

As i gratify my thirst and touch your dead skin

Oh darkest one receive my offerings

And grant me the secrets of death


3 years назад

Trym Aas

Hominis Nocturna \m/ Old Man`s Child

3 years назад

Paweł Szuraj


4 years назад

ville puura

This might have been my first contact to black metal and it´s still my favorite after oh so many years..

4 years назад

Trym Aas

Hominis Nocturna \m/ Old Man`s Child Enjoy 

4 years назад


This song erects my penis, and as a true metalhead...I don't give a motherfuck who knows. OMC FOREVER! Give us a new album Galder!!!

4 years назад

Paulo Gabriel

I would say that their last good album was Stormblast.

5 years назад

Alec Rozsa

this might have been recorded in the same studio, it has the exact same tone of guitar, ride cymbals, snare, bass drum, crashes, bass guitar tone, ect., same reverb even

5 years назад

Dannon Etcitty

I love this song

5 years назад

gooby pls

Reminds me of Spiritual Black Dimensions.

5 years назад

gooby pls

Is that the sound of butthurt?

5 years назад

Filet mignon

Whoever posted or found that Old Mans Child live footage and posted it on here... Respect..

5 years назад


3:25 gives me goose bumps! The whole song is a masterpice.

5 years назад

Mitchell Humbhries

Old Man Gloom - Dimmu Borgir - Cradle Of Filth (The best symphonic bands in metal) and my favourite bands!! :D :D :D :D :D

5 years назад


thanx 4 info!

5 years назад

dave carpenter

gian also played on dusk........

5 years назад


can i listen to one omc song on here without seeing dimmu borgir?! dammit, im contributing..

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