Nana Mouskouri - Irene (1968) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 03:29
Загружено: 2009/01/05

Oops, sorry! This upload looked like it had stalled and I tried to cancel it on realizing it was to the wrong channel. But it seems to have gotten through anyway.

It can now be found with the other Nana bits and bobs over at:


I'll be removing this copy in due course, with humble apologies to rubyrm, rutebeuf2, giseleademers & sachibaa who found it and kindly commented before I spotted the screw-up.


3 years назад

Carmen Ruiz


3 years назад

patrick kite

Yes a lovely singer and dancer

3 years назад



3 years назад

John Dwane

the voice of a angel

3 years назад


She can still sing beautiful

3 years назад

Noelle C

Merci pour toute cette chaine de Chansons de Nana ! J'adore !!! :)

3 years назад

Dan PeaceTalk

who said my generation don't like Nana maskury? she's lovely singer 

3 years назад


mmm she's quite hot, there !

3 years назад


Μοναδική ερμηνεία. Εξαιρετικοί μουσικοί, εξαιρετική μουσική και ενορχήστρωση.

4 years назад

Frank Dux

I love you Nana! Tu voz, tu sencillez, tu capacidad para hacer sentir la musica.

4 years назад


Wow...exceptional video quality...and Nana does *not* seem to age!

4 years назад

Irina Ciocan

yes !!!! beautiful voice ... the great nana..Irene-Irina :)

4 years назад

Haydee Ortiz

Lovely music my beautiful Nana Mouskouri

4 years назад

Any Any

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

4 years назад


Genial nana.!

4 years назад

Vera Bonamin

I love this song this voice!!!

4 years назад


Nana INDIA loves you .... got goosepimples.... muah muah....

4 years назад


That was such an awesome moment; I felt like I was actually there.

4 years назад

Emmanuel Mbangi

comment ne pas dire grand merci à cette voix don de Dieu, vrai régal

4 years назад

pixarou 1

who dislikes THIS ?

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