Julian Marley - Boom Draw скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:36
Загружено: 2011/10/27

Un clip bio...

Peace from France, and good vibes...

Thanks everbody for your comments.


4 years назад

Vinicius Kaniludo

Bob marley muito bom

4 years назад


genesis 1:29 : "e disse deus, eis que vos tenho dado todas as ervas que dao semente, que estao sobre a face de toda a terra , e toda arvore, em que ha fruto que de semente, servo-vos-a para mantimento".

4 years назад


ganga is a cure...true, Only "we" like to smoke it for fun, Some good counter propaganda. I have grown up in Holland, where from the age of 16 i could legally drink and smoke. , Now the rest of the world is slowly taking over the "Dutch soft drug system" , And in Holland they started a änti coffeeshop system! Selling from a coffeshop to 3/5 gram is legal. But Buying and Selling larger amounts is a crime (And homegrown has changed over the years from being an offence"to a crime !)) So the coffeeshop owners make millions, and pay their taxes. But the stuff they sell , apparently came falling out of the air?. That is good old Holland 2015! No more new licensees are given out, etc, etc. Stuck between Dutch and E.U. rules.! I am glad that i enjoy the "golden 80/90thies."!P.S I can tell you one thing. those massive buds do not come from "mother Nature"but from "papa chemical fertilizers" LOL

4 years назад

ktos tam nie wazne

zajebiste :)

4 years назад

Daniel Macías

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

4 years назад

Yellow Bird

326 of them jealous. May Jah provide them with fire! Burn down "babylon"

4 years назад

Xriccc Tinaaa

so much love from greece :)

4 years назад

Elaine MacDonald

onelove all stay real

4 years назад


Julian Marley - Boom Draw

4 years назад

robert Sucks

One love, from California!

4 years назад

Julian Tejeda Ortiz

My name is Julian Armando Tejeda Ortiz

4 years назад

Chew Bacca

Much love from Central Texas, come visit Austin sometime.

4 years назад

Piotrek St

In Poland still illegalBut still we fight for freedom

4 years назад

Mihai Popescu


4 years назад


Selamunaleyküm (:

4 years назад



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