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Длительность: 02:53
Загружено: 2016/10/13



Easily temperamental

Dangerously equipped

Impossibly avoidable

By proving their contempt

Bastardizing the justice

And living above the law

Black and blue don’t get along

Blue just wants ‘em dead and gone

Empty your clips on the victim

And then you look the other way

Your nation will crumble

And you’ll just look the other way

Got a hood rat and the alley cat heard

The city got a kid hesitating to leave work

At the right time in the wrong place got served

An extendo not a miranda head first

Get down, already knocked out face on the ground

We’re at war with the ones who protect and serve

Empty your clips on the victim

And then you look the other way

Minorities perish

And even though he got his hands up * *

Caged like animals

Wound up and released with their badges

Brutalize our streets, savages

How many have to die

To put an end to crooked swine

And you just look the other way

Empty your clips on the victim

And then you look the other way

Your nation will crumble

And you just look the other way

They will not fear the system anymore

They will not cower like they did before

This cannot be ignored

The machine will not hold us down

Dedicated to the victims of overzealous police violence past and present. Black lives do matter.

Directed by Mollie Tarlow


1 year назад

Lydia Rey

Is Aj screaming now?

1 year назад


What the fuck does this have to do with us?

1 year назад

Holy Wong

issues tissues ok no good song

1 year назад


los amo;-;

1 year назад

Thomas Brewer

I do the rawr rawr. You check my channel, yes?

1 year назад

J. Cobb

A badge and a bullet part 3?

1 year назад

Blan Z


1 year назад

real stay

Fucking blilliant!!

1 year назад

Marcos Dresden

My Interpretation of this was more highly epic that this ; (

1 year назад

Renz Ian Reyes

Maybe, this song is dedicated to the current president of the Philippines hahaha! "even though they had their hands up * *"

1 year назад

Ryan Agustin Illustration

And even though he's got his hands up

1 year назад

Denim Cowboy

HOLY FUCK L!!!!!!!

1 year назад

Travis Romine

I dont like how buried the drums sound.. can barely hear his kick drum

1 year назад

Taylor Williams

Dope song. Some bad cops and some bad guys. Goes both ways

1 year назад

Jshania Owens

There will always be people who have their opinions about Black Lives Matter, and we can't change their beliefs. But whatever is being said, just please remember this: BLM was NEVER intended to be a hate group. There are people who may support black lives matter but hate on police, but that's not why BLM was created in the first place. Most people who support it are just trying to raise awareness about the majority of society being killed behind the gun of the police officers who do kill. That majority happens to be African Americans. The hate between everyone should be replaced with more awareness.

1 year назад

Rizky indra dewanto

i don't know aj rebollo can scream

1 year назад


I don't think police brutality based on race isn't as prevalent as social justice warriors and media outlets make it out to be, yet this song is awesome. I love how dark, heavy, and serious it is while still having plenty of energy and fun. I especially love the gunshots, which are very creative. I don't care if Issues has different opinions than me as long as their music is still great.

1 year назад

WAKE-Up-Super Thompson

Calm Down Enter Shikari wanabees

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