Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Official Music Video] скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:17
Загружено: 2018/05/29

Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!


INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here:

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Director - Eif Rivera

Executive Producer – Kareem Johnson

Video Commissioner/VP Video Production – Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop

Associate Director, Video Administration – Lily F Thrall

Assistant, Video Production – Trevor Joseph Newton


1 year назад

La Peluche d' Msp

Cardi B this is a queen

1 year назад

Potatoe Lps

Person: exists Latina’s: IM LATINO

1 year назад

Moss B

Is this a joke video ? I think the dude in white is wearing lady’s glasses !! and the other guy is dressed like a 75 year old retiree f Boca Raton.

1 year назад

Geann Lima

Papa-paparazzi, like Lady Gaga

1 year назад

Taheerah Berry

this song makes me happy af....I don't know what they saying but it sounds sooooooo dope!!!! I like it like that

1 year назад

JK Lol


1 year назад

Anmol 8ball pool

OSM CARDis Movements

1 year назад

killer none

I think Cardi B is so cool she is my favorite raper on land

1 year назад

Orawan Singhan

I like it

1 year назад

Dee 12j

You have such great music such talent even though you rap about pussy ass and tittys you always find a way to make it your own and so catchy it’ll be stuck in every persons head that hears your music.

1 year назад

Ying S Tan

I run this shit like mario

1 year назад

Ying S Tan

This is why you should eat halah

1 year назад

Dj Punjab

Here for Cardi b and j balwin

1 year назад

Gummybear G

I said like like that

1 year назад

The Rock

Cardi b

1 year назад

Slow Motion

She is a real diva

1 year назад

Simon a.

Here before 200M

1 year назад

Twinkle Duque


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