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Duración: 06:09
Subido: 2009/10/27

Wherever I May Roam [Official Music Video]

From the album "Metallica"

Director: Wayne Isham

Filmed in January 1992 in San Diego, CA and while on tour throughout the Northeastern U.S. in March 1992

Video Premiere Date: May 21, 1992

© 1992 Metallica


3 years ago

Крыстафер Гомес

And the earth becomes my throne I adapt to the unknown Under wandering stars I've grown By myself but not alone I ask no one 

3 years ago

Wedge Antilles

Anyone ever play this at 2x speed sounds fucking amazing.

3 years ago

Слава Пастухов


3 years ago


"NOMAD, VAGABOND, CALL ME WHAT YOU WILL."Nada como Metallica \m/

3 years ago

scott macdonald

come on now,how come theres no u2 or madonna,michael jackson

3 years ago

Nikos Monos

Good "heavy" morning to everyone, i wish you a great day and a greater weekend!

3 years ago

Nicola Walker

Oh Yeah..Music is Life have a fantastic Day

3 years ago

Shara Kelly

soooo tired and much luvs shara

3 years ago

Andy Indomável

Metallica na alma, na veia e no coração!!!\m/

3 years ago

taicia chapman-veney


3 years ago

Josh Mullen

They all look older in this video than they do in 2015

3 years ago


Will never understand the hate on Jason, he was awesome, his look did fit to Metallica and his playstyle was awesome!

3 years ago

josantonio salasgalvan

yeahhhhhhh! is like recuerdos cool!

3 years ago

виталий осос

...вспомним HMR 90-x

3 years ago

Michal Patočka


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